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Steps Influencing App Store Optimization

These days it is difficult to stay relevant, especially with new apps being created every day. A competition among app makers to get their apps to be top of the list in app stores and get many downloads. Ideally this should run in the hundreds of thousands, otherwise nobody is going to know about the app. While it is incredibly rare for an app to make it to recommended downloads, it is easier to get it seen by many people. This is where app store optimization is important.

Many people have websites online which they use for various purposes such as selling products, offering services, blogs etc. But that’s not enough these days because most people use their smartphones rather than computers. So the in thing right now is having a mobile app for your business.

Let’s say Diana owns a cake business. She makes cakes for events, custom orders, etc. She has a website which shows examples of her work as well many designs to select from. But Diana wants to expand her business further. She wants to venture into the app market. That’s where applications like Magento mobile app builder come into use, and that’s where Diana came to know about companies like Elitemcommerce and its services. They help business owners like Diana reach a large audience by converting websites into phone apps. Now that Diana has her store set up in two platforms, ie, online and as an app, she starts getting more orders. This is because Diana’s company offers people the flexibility of ordering from her in two platforms. It is more convenient and tech savvy.

To convert your website into an app, a mobile app builder is absolutely necessary. For this, it is recommended that users use Magento mobile app. This useful, versatile app helps convert your webpage into an app so users can access your products on the go. Creating an app is not always that simple. They will help you build your app using various tools such as magento mobile app builder.
Magento mobile app has a good user interface, and has nice options for building your app.
Once your app is created, it is important to optimize your app store listing, otherwise it will just be lost in the millions of apps already available in playstore. To do this, it is important to follow the following steps-
Focus on keyword search – This is a no-brainer. Using popular keywords relevant to your app as well relevant to the needs of customers will ensure people actually find your app. Using most common keywords has been found to be useful in boosting app downloads.

App Description – Providing a good and accurate app description will let your customers know what to expect in the app. Many apps which do not do so well in the market commit this mistake. They barely have any information in their description section. This results in people being put off and sceptical about the app’s functions before they have even tried it.

Adding Screenshots – This is another essential step in helping app developers boost their ratings. Having screenshots of important functions of the app allows potential downloaders to get a glimpse into the user interface of the app. It also tells them about what functions are there in the app. But make sure to leave a sneak peak only, so people are tempted to download the app to find out more.
App size – While this is something that the developer cannot always control, it helps if the app is low size. Most people look at saving their memory, and anyone who has used a smartphone knows how quickly memory fills up. So it is suggested that app developers keep their apps light. This encourages people to download the app.

Attend to Reviews and Complaints – While it understandable that the app developer cannot reply to each and every comment on the reviews section, it is good to make the effort. It is important to especially attend to and reply to comments which report problems. App developer should attempt to fix bugs and complaints as and when they are reported. A tip to do this is to use the app themselves and if they feel there is an area they should improve on, they should do it.

While there are many more ways to improve app store listing, one rule of thumb to keep in mind is that a good quality app will be more popular than a poorly developed app. If you are not entirely sure on how to create your own app, give it to the professionals to do. Companies like Elitemcommerce do this in a pro way and offer good results for their work.

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