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PrestaShop Mobile App – The Driving Force Behind Mobile E Commerce

Smartphones have replaced computers. The usage of Personal Computers at homes has drastically reduced. Paying bills through internet has been eased through mobile bill payments. Games have jumped into mobile phones and bigger gaming consoles. This change has forced business, especially in the e commerce as people have began to use mobile phone for all sorts of e-billing, e-shopping and payment processing. In that perspective, E-commerce have mobilized. To serve this purpose, PrestaShop provides the framework to bring mobile forms of e commerce websites.

The first quality of a mobile eCommerce is to have increased engagement and sales. This also serves the prime purpose of building such applications. This will enable more customers to purchase anything on the go from their mobile.

The secondary quality that determines the invasion of e commerce into the mobile world is better customer experience. Applications like PrestaShop for mobile apps exclusively have been designed with interactive user/customer experience. With this, PrestaShop hosts multiple theme options. It enables the user to give colors to the app, add their logos and also helps them to manage their banners. Every customer with the idea of building mobile eCommerce is expecting this sort of customization from technology. PrestaShop with mobile apps is giving away the best for mobile eCommerce.

One of the inevitable characteristics of a mobile eCommerce application is inventory management. With this factor, PrestaShop serves real time synchronization with large inventory supporting popular eCommerce.

PrestaShop mobile app also houses several customer engaging features. Beyond these awesome features, there is another striking characteristic of an e commerce application that tends to annoy any customer. By now it would have hit our minds, ‘the payment option’. PrestaShop enables flexible and secured payment options. It supports several leading payment gateways like PayPal, Citrus and PayU.

‘Add-on’ is a word that impresses a buyer of any product. Discount, Gift Wrapping, Comments on Order are the add-ons that PrestaShop offers. Another notable value added feature of this PrestaShop mobile application is the deep linking feature. This feature reflects the application analytics improving the seller’s app visibility to the users/customers on the Google Play Store and App Store. Call back Option and Chat Integration are the value added features that this marvelous PrestaShop mobile application carries.

As the application bags all the above mentioned features, it is creating wonders in the eCommerce domain that seeks a mobile platform.

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