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Important Tools to Optimize Your PrestaShop Mobile App

A mobile app store is central to garnering business success in 2016. eCommerce, as well as mCommerce, provide the highest revenue while decreasing overhead costs. Utilizing Magento or the Prestashop mobile app will provide a quick and easy remedy way to integrate an mCommerce option to your business. Along with integration, it is important to have several tools at your disposal in order to reduce the responsibility placed upon your customers while easing your workload. In the mobile application world, What you see in a website is what you should get in the mobile application (WYSWWYGM). A wonderful tool that encompasses many of these necessities is provided by Elite mCommerce.

Theme Building and Customization

Creating an aesthetic display can be tough. Unfortunately, many beautiful eCommerce websites are unable to create an equally beautiful mobile shop for the business. Fortunately, services like EMC maintain high standards for their mobile shop theme builder. A great mobile app for your business will include Prestashop mobile app integration or Magento integration because they will enhance specific aspects of your marketing, budget, or accessibility.

Real-Time Synchronization Between Your Website and Mobile Store

Many business owners fail to provide consistency between their website and mobile app store. This is essential to providing a familiar experience across each platform. If the mobile commerce app does not resemble or provide the same products as the web store, optimization of revenue will not be possible. This will confuse your customers and possibly lead them to other services.

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Utilizing as many payment options as possible will garner the most business. Perhaps your customer uses Paypal but you offer quickpay.net. This will force a potential customer to look elsewhere for a similar product. When you create a mobile shop, integrate many payment options or hire a corporation to integrate multiple payment options into the engine.

Social Sharing

The best marketing is through organic means. Creating a product so great that it makes your customer want to share it with their friends will grow your business exponentially at no cost to you. Without a method to share, your customer will be unable to help. Therefore, it is important to give the option to share to websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Store Locator

If you maintain a brick and mortar store, be sure to include a store locator. This will drive customers to your store, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Recommendation Systems

73% of consumers prefer to shop with businesses that provide a personal touch to their experience. Using stats and behavioral recommendations, you can provide a personal experience to each and every customer that visits your mobile shop. EMC creates a recommendation for every customer based on their previous search results, browsing pattern, size, style, color preference, and trends. This will provide products similar to their recent expenditures, increasing the likelihood of a second-time purchase.

Remember, your mobile application should reinforce your website. So, what you see on your website is what your customer should get in the mobile application!

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