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8 tips to drive traffic from social media

8 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store from Social Media

Social media is a critical asset in promoting your eCommerce store, whether it is an established business or a start-up. This platform will popularize your store, help you find your potential customers and help you build a solid reputation through client engagement. In addition, it will draw users to your store and consequently, improve your sales. Here are simple tips on driving traffic from social media to your eCommerce store.

Post Regularly and Have a Schedule

You should ensure that you are engaging people in social media platforms with regular and consistent posts. The daily posts should be planned for each site in terms of the number and time of posting. For example, the optimal number of tweets per day is three while Facebook requires only one post.

Share Quality and Optimized Content

You should know the different platforms and post in a way that will appeal to the audience. Additionally, think of fresh information that will attract users to engage and ensure that people can find the post through searches.

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Use Your Customer Reviews

If you have received a catchy review in your store, share it with a link as a post. Potential customers trust other buyers more than the seller. You can also repost and like customer reviews that are posted directly on social media.

Include Quality Visuals

Pictures, gifs and videos leave a more lasting impression than plain words. Therefore, where possible post pictures of your merchandise and even photos about events you were involved in. The visuals will engage even the people who do not take time to read posts.

Promote User Engagement

Social media is not only about posting content and waiting for people to like and visit your website. You must promote the engagement of your current and potential customers. Make certain to reply to comments and participate in forums and chat groups that relate to your eCommerce store.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags can improve your social media presence, so keep track of the trending and popular hashtags in your area of interest. You can include these in your posts such that people will find your pages when they click on the pertinent tag.

Share Blog Posts

When you write fresh blogs or product reviews, you should post the link to your social media. It is unlikely that people will find the posts by chance, so this should increase your traffic significantly.

Use Social Media Tools

There are different management tools that you can use to monitor your social media campaigns. The most advantageous ones include Tagboard, Social bakers, Post Planner, Komfo and Rignite.

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