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7 Signs You Need To Integrate A eCommerce Mobile App Into Your Business

Have your sales stagnated in the past 5 years? If you haven’t created consistently higher profits, consider utilizing a mobile shop to enhance your market reach. Reasons range from increased sales to improved customer service but it doesn’t stop there. Mobile applications provide your customer with a range of possibilities, easing their shopping experience and promoting products based on their previous purchases.

Your Sales Have Stagnated Or Decreased

Mobile applications are used in order to target younger users. Recent statistics suggest that integration of a mobile app will promote sales because customers have slowly moved from online to mobile methods of commerce. Failing to incorporate an online business won’t allow you to reach these customers.

Your Competitors are Growing

Following trends, many businesses are utilizing the mCommerce market to increase their sales. If your competition is consistently acquiring higher market shares, they are likely including a mobile app into their business model. To acquire more customers, invest in an intentional marketing scheme that will bring customers to your shop.

Is Your Traffic Coming From Mobile Devices?

Through simple web analytics, you can discern where your business is coming from. If an exponential portion of your consumer base reaches your website through a mobile device, incorporating a mobile shop will provide a better user experience for every customer.

Your Website is Cluttered

If you have a lot of content when viewing your website from a desktop, imagine how it looks on a 5″ mobile device. Optimize your app through services like Elite mCommerce.

Loyalty Programs

Incorporating a loyalty program without burdening your consumer with another card in their wallet can provide huge benefits. On top of returning business, this will incentivize your customer to purchase more from you instead of your competition. Incorporating special deals based on purchases, visits, or free merchandise will provide an excuse (not that they need one) to purchase more from your business.

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Easy Access to Business Events

Providing an online solution to have customers access your events is easy through a mobile application.

You Have Many Images and Videos on Your Website

Incorporating many images and videos on your website will slow down your loading times. This is exponentially increased if your customers access your website through their mobile device. Creating a mobile shop or app will quicken loading speeds, increasing the possibility of profits for your business.

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