Why EMC ?


Why Elite m-Commerce?

  • Subscribe for a whole year with no monthly cost
  • Fully mobile and secure checkout and shopping cart eCommerce facility
  • Your mobile app has the same features and product details as your eCommerce store
  • Customize your mobile app the way YOU want! Make it look and feel like your eCommerce store
  • Innovative fast loading technology
  • Works seamlessly with your existing eCommerce website
  • Customize your app similar to your store at an additional cost
  • Handle the app submission process in iTunes and Play Store
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fashionFashion & Cosmetics

Be it apparels, accessories or footwear, the World Wide Web is pulsating with hordes of online stores. Now, with most stores adopting mobile apps, it is becoming increasingly convenient to shop for your favorite products. Vivid and clear images of the products, along with their descriptive information in terms of sizes, measurements, colors, fabrics, designs, fashion tips, pricing, offer etc can be clearly depicted. The need to physically visit a store is slowly diminishing, and visiting mobile app builders is more promising.

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jewelryjewels & Rings

An entire catalog of jewelry products stretching across earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings etc can be easily displayed on an enabled eCommerce app. Jewelry studded with wide-ranging precious stones and crafted from varied metals can be effortlessly showcased for your delighted customers. From expensive royal jewelry to everyday chic and casual charms, a myriad of adornments can be viewed conveniently on mobile devices with the help of a mobile app.

toysToys & Games

An online toy shop is bound to be a booming business, especially if it can be conceptualized into an eCommerce mobile app. A range of toys can be categorized into different classifications, detailed with important information in terms of age group, size, pricing, availability etc. Time to time, relevant offers and discounts can be sent as notifications to your customers, to prompt them to complete a few purchases.

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wedding cakesbakery & cakery

An eCommerce app for your cake shop that allows you to display your array of cakes, pastries, breads, muffins etc. Depending on the ongoing season or occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc, you can showcase your theme-based cakes for your customers. Customers can view the menu, order and make payments from the convenience of their smartphones. Over and beyond this, offers, updates, deals, news etc can be easily and quickly intimated to your customers.

winesBeverages & Wines

Mobile apps can be conceived by adept eCommerce mobile app builders for the growing wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the globe. It can provide a wealth of information such as their respective vintage ratings, grape varieties, tasting notes, pricing, purchase information, location etc. Helpful tips can be provided in terms of recommended food pairing for different varieties of wine. The app can be integrated to receive news feed related to the subject and to network with social media.

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