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How Can Sending Unique & Customized Alerts Create A Better Experience For Customers?

The 21st-century consumer values customization

How Can Sending Unique & Customized Alerts Create A Better Experience For Customers?

 The 21st-century consumer values customization. They no longer care about generic messages and feel welcomed when a customized message or alert appears on their screen. If you want to grow your business, consider custom alerts and push notifications.

Customized messaging boosts conversion rates, brand loyalty, client retention, and more. According to research, over 90% of eCommerce platforms enhance conversion after tailoring their consumer experience. When sent a personalized message, 50% of customers buy.

Thus, both subjective and objective viewpoints show that bespoke push notifications, messages, and alerts on your mobile app or website have huge benefits. This article covers how personalized notifications can improve the customer experience from A to Z.

Making Custom Messages and Alerts: A Beginner’s Guide

Your company’s platform’s tailored messages should follow these guidelines:

  1. Humanization

First, avoid robot-like speech. You do not want your target audience to feel that they are receiving automated messages from a bot. Some basic tricks to humanize your personalized push notifications and alerts are:

  • Use first names when sending in-app messages or emails. You can leverage tools that can help you craft a creative and personalized message with your customers’ first names.
  • Write your customized message in such a way that you are talking to your customer in person.
  • Use language and words that are relevant to and familiar to your customer. You can also hire a person who can be your brand’s voice in all written communications.
  1.  Segment Your Target Customers

 When it comes to sending personalized alerts and notifications to customers, remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Therefore, it is imperative to segment your consumers and treat each group of consumers differently. For instance, your frequent customers and new customers do not act in the same way. Hence, you should provide your frequent customers with different messages and benefits than the first-time visitors to your platform.

  1. Customize The Customer Experience With Dynamic Content

 We all know that the client is king, and streamlining their platform experience can meet their needs. Understandably, customers who like your platform are more inclined to return. However, you must send each customer the proper message to customize their platform experience.

For instance, you must send an in-app notification to customers who have added products to their basket but have not checked out to remind them and encourage them to checkout. A routine notification is practically blasphemous in such a setting.

Examples of Customized Alerts for a Better Customer Experience

Personalized push notifications and alerts might vary by purpose and desire. Common examples are:

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders: If a consumer adds things to their cart but doesn’t buy them, you may send them a customized notice and give a discount to promote the purchase.
  • Birthday or anniversary greetings: Use push notifications, emails, and other alerts to send customers personalized birthday or anniversary greetings and provide discounts to boost brand loyalty and client retention.
  • Location-based Offer Alerts: Send customers near your store a quick push notification about in-store deals and promotions.
  • Event Reminders: If a consumer is interested in an upcoming concert or sports game, you can send them a personalized alert containing event reminders and relevant product or service information.
  • Product Recommendations: Finally, providing well-curated and individualized product recommendations to your users based on their purchase history, browsing data, etc. is a great example of customized notifications.

Let us examine the psychology behind tailored notifications now that we have seen some examples.

 The Psychology of Personal Notifications and Alerts

 Personalization is the foundation of personalized alerts, messages, and notifications because customers engage more with relevant, personalized content. However, a general message may make clients feel overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

The culmination can be notification fatigue, where customers tune out and disable notifications altogether. However, when your target clientele’s phone chimes and they see a well-made and customized alert pop up on the screen, they are much more likely to feel a sense of connection and relevance to your brand. A study found that tailored content reduces customer weariness and decision-making time, reducing cognitive burden. So, engagement, loyalty, and sales can improve.

 One psychological element driving tailored push notifications is self-determination. This theory states that people need competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Personalized alerts and push notifications provide clients with control over their platform experience (autonomy), relevant and helpful information (competence), and a sense of connection with your company (relatedness).

Simply put, using individualized alerts to fulfill all your target customers’ needs can help your company create stronger ties and long-term commitment. After discussing the psychology of customized and distinct warnings, let’s see how they improve the user experience.

The Top 5 Ways Customized Alerts and Messages Improve the Customer Experience

  1. Relevant Content

Personalized notifications and alerts deliver and relay content that is specially curated to a single consumer’s unique and individual needs and requirements. Thus, he or she gets more relevant and precious information.

  1. Convenience

Customized notifications create a better customer experience by serving as timely reminders for important events, such as upcoming sales, appointments, discounts on items in the cart, and so forth.

  1. Better Experience

Thirdly, personalized messages and alerts make customers feel appreciated and connected. Their purchasing experience is satisfying.

  1. Exclusive Offers

Customers can receive immediate information on exclusive offers and discounts with customized communications. Customers experience improvement as a result of saving money and feeling valued by your brand.

  1. Time is Saved

Customized notifications save customers time, too. When consumers have tailored and relevant information on their devices, they can save time and effort finding relevant content or discounts.

Thus, personalized alerts improve consumer experiences by making them more convenient, providing relevant and valuable content, and connecting them to the brand.

We’ll conclude with how personalized alerts can improve your business.

The Top 5 Business Benefits of Personalized Alerts

  1. Improved Engagement

 First, personalized alerts from your business are more likely to catch attention and motivate app or website users. Thus, engagement rates rise and brand performance improves.

  1. Boosts Sales and Revenue

 Customer-specific push notifications can enhance sales by offering discounts, promotions, and other offers.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

Any brand knows customer experience matters. PWC found that 86% of shoppers will pay more for a good experience. Giving clients more tailored communications boosts brand loyalty and improves the customer experience.

  1. Gain Useful Data Insights

 The penultimate benefit of customizing client notifications is learning about their behavior and preferences. Thus, your company can make better marketing and product selections.

  1. Competitive Edge

 Finally, tailored alerts and notifications can help your company stand out in a crowded market. Your audience will remember and return to your brand if the messaging resonates.

 Finishing Up

 Finally, a concise explanation of how personalized alerts improve the customer experience.


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