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The 6 Best Meat Delivery Services for Every Home Cook

Nothing sounds more convenient to shoppers than online meat delivery services. What could be better than having steak, chicken, lamb, and other meat delivered to your doorsteps? After all, who wouldn’t like to save themselves those inconvenient grocery trips? Meat apps give you plenty of information about the quality of the meat, where it is sourced, how it is made, and what all ingredients are added to it. 

The process of cutting, freshness, and other details are mentioned within the app. These apps work as your one-stop destination for meat shopping. You can select the quantity, type of meat, and other details from the app before placing an order. Let’s check out the 6 most popular meat delivery services for people who are tired of going grocery shopping every week.

  1. Crowd Cow

What makes them a leader in this industry is the fact that they source meat from reputable suppliers. They visit farms, sample meat, and decide on the top suppliers they will source meat from. If you are a frequent shopper, buy Crowd Cow’s paid subscription plan to get 5% off every order, as well as, free shipping. Once you have registered your account (whether free or paid subscription) on Crowd Cow, you will get access to an extensive variety of meats, including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, and more.

  1. Good Chop

Good Chop is your most reliable source of meat shopping. The company guarantees fresh, tender, and quick delivery services. Customers love the fresh, juicy, and flavorful cuts. Some have even gifted the meat to their families and friends. When shopping at Good Chop, you can rest assured that you will get 100% fresh meat, free of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and any artificial ingredients.

  1. Rastelli’s

Restelli’s has been serving American meat fans for more than 45 years now. They started off as a small butcher shop in New Jersey. Today, they have expanded on a national level by converting their meat store into an online meat shop that serves different parts of the country. They source the meat from reputable suppliers and farmers based across the states and take care of the delivery part. Rastelli’s offers a frozen meat delivery service where they use a blast freezer and vacuum sealing to keep the meat fresh.

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  1. Farm Foods Market

Another meat delivery app that offers quick and affordable meat delivery services is Farmfoodsmarket. They have a vast selection of meat, available at varying prices. They also offer free delivery on orders above $99. They serve the meat of animals raised in humane farms and are not treated with any antibiotics or hormones. The meat is frozen and put into a vacuum-sealed container to maintain its tenderness and freshness.

  1. Butcher Box

Butcher Box offers seafood, chicken, lamb, and all types of meats sourced from humane farms. As the name suggests, the company supplies customized meat boxes, charging $5.38 per serving. You could choose a classic box (which is designed for small families) or a big box weighing 16-26 pounds (for large families). You can buy meat for later consumption (if you have sufficient space in your freezer).

  1. Amazon.com

Amazon Prime members can get online meat delivery services to their doorstep. They supply meat from Nebraska Star Beef. You never have to worry about the quality and freshness of the food when shopping from Amazon. The company has collaborated with farmers who raise animals naturally, without any antibiotics or hormone treatments.

These were the top meat delivery apps. Check the details of each service and sign up for an app that looks suitable for your needs.


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