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Licious App Clone – Build a Customizable Meat Delivery App for Your Meat Store

There are few apps that offer fresh meat delivery services in India. And Licious is one of the most popular ones. Launched in 2015, this meat delivery app is known for catering to the customers’ demand for fresh meat. Whether you need seafood or chicken, the app guarantees 100% fresh meat delivered to your doorstep. Who wouldn’t like the convenience of having fresh meat delivered at home? This meat app works in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Panchkula, Mohali, NCR, and other cities.

Licious reported a turnover of a whopping 180 crores in 2019. It has grown since then, especially after the 2020 COVID pandemic. It has over 300,000 customers and 150 associates in different parts of India. We had many grocery apps that delivered fresh vegetables, fruits, and grocery items to our place, but these apps did not include meat. With an app dedicated to seafood, red meat, and chicken products, it has become a whole lot easier for Indians to buy fresh and the best quality meat from their favorite meat store. So, do you also want to build a Licious clone app? Let’s see what features you need to add to the app to make it work.

Customer App

Your customer needs to know where their order is, how long until it is ready, how much time will the delivery man take, and how they can book the food. The developer will include the payment section where your customers can choose between different payment methods and complete their shopping. This is also the section where you need to add the reviews and feedback system so your customers can leave feedback after they are done shopping. Here are the four features you must add to the customer app.

  • Online order booking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Rating and feedback system

You could also add additional features depending on your individual needs. After all, the goal is to build a customized app that makes your meat store and delivery services stand out. 

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Delivery Agent

You need to build a section for the delivery agents that they can use to track their profile, performance, reviews, and ratings. They can also update their location after every delivery. Licious App has a navigation option that allows the delivery men to find the shortest and fastest route to the delivery address. If you are building the Licious clone app, consider adding the navigation feature, as it makes the app better and useful for the delivery agents. The three important features to add to the delivery agent app are:

  • Delivery status update 
  • Shortest and fastest route navigation
  • Profile management

The profile management section will help the agent collect reviews from customers and improve their profiles.

Vendor App

This is for the vendors the meat delivery company is working with. It should allow the suppliers to update the products, latest promo offers, descriptions, quantities, and availability status on the app. They can use the dashboard to track the delivery of the order. A few important features to be added to the vendor app are:

  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Real-time fleet tracking
  • Stock management
  • Product and cost management

The developer will also build the admin panel where you can manage customers, vendors, analytics, and other features.


The cost of building a Licious clone app can vary from developer to developer. Most developers charge fees on an hourly basis, so there is no fixed cost. Make sure you get a quote from the developer in advance and compare the fees before making a decision. 


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