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Why must grocery & food delivery services choose renewable food packaging now?

It is evident that the delivery industry has seen a surge in demand since most of us are now relying on doorstep delivery in the fight against COVID-19. Consumers today would like their groceries from online supermarkets, food from their favourite food delivery app, and maybe newly purchased vehicles all delivered to them at their doorsteps. 

This has led to companies using more packaging material now than ever. On the other hand, we would like the use of plastic remains minimal or, even better, zero. Hence, an ideal way to keep up with the demand without contributing to plastic pollution is not choosing renewable packaging instead?

Top reasons to choose renewable food packaging:


Quite obvious that renewable packaging material is undoubtedly eco-friendly. The use of such material would not harm the environment the way it would otherwise. In addition, a company that chooses renewable packaging leaves the impression of being caring towards mother earth. It heightens the reputation and makes your brand stand out in the crowd.

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Lowers your carbon footprint:

By using renewable or recycled packaging material, there are chances of a reduction in the exploitation of resources. It begins at the start of the supply chain. You might want to purchase material which is Forest Stewardship Council or FSA certified so that you know it has come from a responsible source. A little contribution to society!

Disposed of easily-:

The latest survey states that, on average, 60% of USA consumers order food online once a week. Now imagine all that food being packaged inside plastic containers alongside plastic spoons. This means more packaging material to deal with. However, companies are saving bins from piling up with a plastic that is not going anywhere otherwise by using paper. A biodegradable material could also be converted into compost.

Healthy eating:

Food, which is stored in plastic containers or sheets, is harmful to the body in the long run. The effects are not fast occurring; however, with time, one could see the degradation of immunity. On the other hand, food packaged with environment-friendly material is toxic-free. You can bet you are not consuming any harmful substances, both intentionally and unintentionally. Your customers would be glad to know!

Helps with global warming:

The amount of pollution that we have created has caused global warming. The problem would continue to exist unless certain measures are taken. Using biodegradable material instead of plastic that creates toxic waste when burnt could work in favour of saving the planet from harmful substances.

Enhances brand image:

 Besides helping the environment, the use of renewable packaging material reflects on your company’s vision. By working towards the betterment of nature, you come across as a responsible company whose products would any day be preferred over your competitors who do not use recyclable material.

Cost-effective shipping:

As compared to the plastic, the renewable packaging material is lighter, and that further reduces the shipping cost. Plus, these could be used as effectively as plastic and provides the required strength, ensuring nothing gets damaged inside.


If all of us stick together and take corrective measures, even in small steps, the world could become better than before. Our oceans are filled with plastic more than water animals. Plastic waste creates plenty of issues such as diseases, pollution, and carbon exploitation. 

By choosing renewable food packaging material, we directly contribute to the betterment of society and the environment. As a company, it becomes your responsibility not to harm nature and help reduce damage instead.

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