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Web and Mobile push notification to increase profit

How Web and Mobile Push Notification Extension Can Increase Your Profit?

Web and mobile push notification tool is extensively used by eCommerce stores that intend to keep up their customer’s engagement by notifying them about the latest sales offers, announcements, and trending deals. Earlier, SMS and email marketing were used to inform users about the latest events that take place in an eCommerce store.

Today, push notifications have become a popular and convenient marketing extension for merchants. It is a permission-based marketing tool. The merchant asks first-time shoppers if they’d like to receive notifications about other similar offers in the future. If the user accepts, they become the subscribers. This way the store gets permission to send regular updates through push notifications on their device.

If you already use online shopping websites and mobile apps, you know how companies keep you up-to-date with the latest offerings through push notification. Basically, it is a way for merchants to interact with their audience and boost customer retention. According to the research, push notifications receive considerably more clicks (even double) than email notifications. 

       Quick and Loyal Subscribers

You no longer have to ask customers to fill the lengthy subscribers form to become a subscriber. Once you have installed the push notification for your web and eCommerce mobile app, you are all set to turn your visitors into customers in one click.

As soon as the visitors open your website, a push notification request pop-ups on their screen. Customers can choose ‘allow’ or ‘block’ (as per their convenience). That’s it! They don’t need to provide you with their personal information, such as email account, phone number, names, address, and more.

This boosts their confidence. They are more likely to hit the ‘Allow’ button and become your subscribers.

       Increase Traffic

As your subscriber’s base grows, you can expect a high customer retention rate and a significant amount of traffic. The click-through rates on push notifications are higher than the SMS, emails, and other marketing extensions.

Your prospective customers, who would’ve never returned to your website otherwise, will love to get back to your mobile app and eCommerce store every time you send an interesting notification. This increases traffic and boosts profit.

       Increased Conversions

Push notification extension increases your website traffic and grows the conversion rates rapidly. Using this web and mobile extension, you get to send a personalized message to all your subscribers, notifying them about the latest offers. This way you interact with the audience, who will be more interested in the particular offer.

Push notifications look pretty tempting. They encourage your audience to check out the latest offers and know more about the deal. Since it targets the interested audience, there is a good chance they will take the required actions.

       Higher Engagement

Email and SMS have relatively lower engagement rates than push notifications. Users need to open their mail account and check the message, in which, the link to the particular website is mentioned. Since it is a tiring process, customers ignore the messages.

On the other hand, push notifications enable your target audience to get to your website in one tap. All you got to do is create a tempting headline and send a personalized notification to the interested audience. Your customers will love to tap the notification and check out the offer. This makes it easier for companies to target the interested audience and grab their attention.


Whether you have a grocery mobile app or an eCommerce web store, build a push notification campaign and boost your traffic and ROI. Embrace this quick and engaging marketing tool and grow your brand.

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