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Elite mCommerce’s POS Integration

Sell On the Go With Elite mCommerce’s POS Integration Capabilities

From electronics to grocery, consumers are shifting to eCommerce mobile apps and websites for shopping. This is mainly due to the convenience that comes with online shopping. All your customers just go to their favorite eCommerce website, browse through a list of products, add their desired items to the cart, place an order, initiate the payment, and get the products delivered at their home. 

How to Integrate POS (point-of-sale) with Website

Traditionally, POS (point-of-sale) systems have helped retailers with billing, managing inventory, supplier shipments, and sales figures. But do the retailers remember to integrate the POS system when taking their business to the online world? eCommerce websites feature product reviews, customer feedback, images of the products, descriptions, performance reports, sales forecasts, customer details, and their financial account information, payment gateway integrations, discount coupon codes, and so on. These features may not be available on POS systems. Webmasters, therefore, should have their eCommerce website integrated with their POS to manage multiple processes efficiently. Here’s how Elite mCommerce’s POS Integration capabilities can help build your eCommerce store. Elite mCommerce is a next-gen mobile app builder that helps eCommerce website owners turn their stores into mCommerce mobile apps.

Eliminate the Duplicate data Entry Requirement

eCommerce stores handle so much data. The processing of maintaining separate inventory, product descriptions, and reports generation in the POS System and the eCommerce stores can result in errors. To make this process easier and flawless, you can integrate your POS with your eCommerce website or mobile through Elite mCommerce’s POS Integration capabilities. 

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EMC will allow you to integrate your Magento eCommerce store with your POS in a few clicks. The system allows retailers to handle and record the inventory for the website and physical store simultaneously. As soon as you integrate the POS software, you can automate almost all the manual-based jobs. 

Real-Time Stock Updates

By integrating your POS, it gets quite easier for retailers to handle their store and website stock efficiently. With POS integration, retailers can transfer the inventory from their brick and mortar store to the web and vice versa. 

The main benefit of POS integration is that it sends the actual inventory status to the vendor when synched with the eCommerce store. You can track the status of the inventory, set up the auto-filling feature, and access the real-time inventory reports to transfer goods from store to the web. 

Provide Cross-Channel Promotions

Cross-channel promotions have become an important part of your digital marketing strategy. To survive the current competition, you need to come up with special promotional offers such as coupons and discounts to grab customer’s attention. You must have an eCommerce store that offers promotional deals, rewards, gift cards, coupons, discounts, and other offers that could be redeemed on your website.

Now, you no longer need to hire a POS clerk to update these features on both channels separately. The integration of POS software is enough to ensure that the pricing, coupons, discounts, and other offers are synched with your website flawlessly.

Promote Your Brand to All Customers

Do you know who the most frequent customers of your online stores are? The multi-channel shoppers! These are the customers who get enticed and place the orders through multi-channel promotions. To gain customer engagement and achieve retention, you need to add cross-channel promotions to your marketing strategies. These campaigns will target buyers based on their location, time-zone, preference, buying patterns, shopping history, and interests. 

With an mCommerce mobile app that integrates with your POS and eCommerce store, things become easier. You can then run ad campaigns targeting multiple sales channels and increase your revenue. This personalized experience will not only earn loyalty to your brand but also help you achieve customer satisfaction. 


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