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Purchase from Home Using a Mobile App! The Gamechanger.

In today’s mobile-driven world, businesses have started embracing mobile apps to not only promote their brand but allow customers to purchase their desired commodities in one click. Saying that a website is necessary for every company in today’s digital world would be an understatement. Every business (no matter how small or giant it is) runs their own eCommerce website. But we cannot say the same about mobile apps. While some organizations have already integrated their products and services into the official mobile app of their company, others are yet to realize the value of mCommerce.

Now, how can these mobile apps benefit online shoppers? Can it help you save time and efforts? Is it better than shopping at online eCommerce websites? Let’s dig deeper.

Mobile Apps are Faster

If you are already using mobile retail store apps, you know how fast mobile apps are as compared to websites. Not only you get quick access to these apps, but the whole shopping is faster. Studies suggest mobile apps are approximately 1.5 times faster than the standard website.

Mobi-sites can take from seconds to minutes to load (depending on the speed and content structure of the eCommerce platform). On the contrary, you get a seamless experience with mobile apps as they are five times faster than websites.

Personalized Content

Users want personalized content that solves their problems. Mobile apps are a great way of providing a personalized experience to your users by allowing companies to connect with them using the language they prefer. While a website may fail to offer a personalized experience to each customer, mobile apps can offer highly-tailored content to your users. 

Mobile Apps can Work both Offline and Online

There are several mobile apps that can be quickly accessed, offline, and online. While some features can only be accessed online, others are available offline as well (such as mobile games, banking and financial news, and etc.). 

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Convenient Shopping

In today’s internet-driven world, who would like to go out for shopping? As everything can be done in one click, you don’t need to spend your time walking through different stores. Just download the mobile app of the particular grocery or retail store and get your desired items delivered at your doorstep. 

Get Updates

If you shop through mobile apps regularly, you get a chance of keeping yourself updated with all the latest information about the discount offers, vouchers, and other promotional deals. The companies send you a push-notification about their latest offer. You can use this deal to shop more and save much. 

Do you know more than 60% of online users prefer shopping via mobile apps than eCommerce websites? Of course, businesses need a responsive website that caters to the requirements of their audience and guides them to make a purchase. But is that enough? If you want to boost your sales and ensure the engagement of a vast audience, you definitely need a mobile app of your store.  

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