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Planning Summer Travel with these Innovative e-commerce Mobile Apps

Summer is just beginning and the hope for a relaxing, sunny vacation fills you up with hope and excitement. Whether you’re planning a getaway trip in the outdoors or sightseeing through a major city, you need to use innovative e-commerce mobile apps to make sure you get the best possible holiday experience.

After extensive research, we’ve come up with the best mobile e-commerce apps that you can use to plan your next holiday all the way to the smallest detail.

From flight reservations to hotel bookings to popular events and packing suggestions these nifty electronic little helpers will help you organize your trip in a fun and exciting way.

Google Trips

Google has a bit of info about everything out there, which makes it one of the best go-to sources for travel information. Its Trips app is available for both iOS and Android-running devices, and it can help you map out a multi-day trip to almost any destination in the world. It keeps your essential travel data on hand and offers suggestions about nearby events and tourist attractions wherever you go.


When it comes to e-commerce apps, TripAdvisor has to be one of the most popular travel-planning applications out there. At the touch of one button, you can book flights and check car rental prices. When you arrive at the destination, the app can suggest things to do and where to eat based on the real-life opinions left by travelers who were there before.

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If you have not decided where you want to spend this summer holiday, then Hopper is the right e-commerce app for you. It uses a unique algorithm that compares billions of price fluctuations to provide you with the best possible deals on vacation destinations, flights, and lodgings. You may use the “Watch” feature to receive notifications whenever a bargain deal comes up.


Kayak is a traveling app that allows you to plan your entire holiday in one place. It makes good use of an extended database to give you the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals for any destination that you choose. Additionally, it provides you with crucial information regarding flight delays, cancellations, and specific air travel rules.


Make road tripping during this year’s summer holiday fun and safe with the innovative Roadtrippers mobile app. It is a must-have application for planning your route ahead, discovering outdoor attractions and finding charming campsites. Whether you use a rental car or your family’s RV, this app will be your ideal road companion with its quick notifications on navigation, weather and the traffic ahead.


Skyscanner is an all-in-one e-commerce mobile app that you can easily use to plan your summer travel. It provides price alerts for hotels, car rentals, nearby events and it shows flight costs without any hidden fees. You can install it on your iOS or Android-running smartphone and have a handy schedule planner for your holiday trip.

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