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Five Highly Effective SEO Tips for Using Magento Online Store

With many individuals utilizing a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, Magento is a platform that is currently receiving high praises from many businesses. For any business, big or small, Magento is one of the best SEO Tools that allow individuals to effectively create and manage their own online stores. Here are 5 effective SEO tips that will help your online business thrive through this e-commerce platform.

Tip 1 – Consider the Use of the H1 Heading Tag

The header tags also known as the H1 tag improves your on-page optimization and user-experience. It allows the title of the webpage to stand out from the rest of the content on the page. It also works to inform the search engines what is important for them to associate with and recognize on the page.

Tip 2 – Optimize the Speed of your e-Commerce Website

One of the biggest obstacles that e-commerce websites have to tackle is slow loading of webpages. Optimizing the speed of your website requires a few activities. These are:

  • Code optimization. To ensure that your code is efficient, you must look into recording and testing all code processes. This will enable you to identify which processes are slowing your system down. Here you can decide whether to drop the process or tweak it.
  • Caching. Caching entails using pre-stored copies of your web pages so that when online visitors access your website, they can avoid having to reload your pages and instead; simply view those pre-stored copies. Caching is a great way to improve site performance.
  • Built-in tools. Magenta is equipped with built-in tools that are designed to help speed up your website. These include CSS, Java Script Merging, and Flat Catalogue to name a few. These tools are all means to optimize site performance.

Tip 3 – Optimized Meta Description

Anytime a person is looking for product or services that you might be offering on your e-commerce business, they usually search Google or any other search engine by typing keywords or phrases. In order for your website to generate more visitors, it must have a title and a Meta description, otherwise people will have no idea what your business offers. To change the Title and Meta description of your website on Magento, log in to your account, click on System, then proceed to configuration. Under the General section, click on Design then proceed to HTML Head. Here you will be able to change your website Title and Meta description.

Tip 4 – Sitemap and Robots.txt

Utilizing Sitemap and robots.txt is also a good tip to enhance your e-commerce website. Sitemaps are effective SEO Tips because they allow search engines to crawl your site map and locate all the different pages of your website. Next, a robots.txt is also very important because it is recommended by Google to have one on your website. The role of robots.txt is to make your website visible to Google and other search engines. It also allows you to manage the security of your website by controlling the way a search engine crawls the content of your web pages.

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Tip 5 – Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration in Magento is a very useful tool that allows you to substantially improve the amount of online traffic your e-commerce website is receiving. With Google Analytics, you can track all sorts of extremely important information. Examples of these are:

  • SEO Audit to analyze how much traffic your website is receiving.
  • How much traffic your landing page receives.
  • Improve conversion via multi-channel funnels.
  • Segment search traffic by demographics
  • Discovering Google Trends

Magento is truly one of the best solutions for online businesses that want to make a fortune online. Especially in the ultra-competitive world of SEO tips, you need all the advantages that you can get to make your business visible. While there are indeed numerous other shopping cart platforms available, very few can match the amount of benefits you receive from this e-commerce solution.

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