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Top 5 App Makers to Create Your Own Mobile App

As a growing amount of people turn to their smartphones for news all the time, the app industry is enjoying its peak. More and more businesses manage to go online App Makers. Since demand determines the price, mobile app development cost varies considerably from case to case. If you’ve decided to relinquish out to your […]

As a growing amount of people turn to their smartphones for news all the time, the app industry is enjoying its peak. More and more businesses manage to go online App Makers. Since demand determines the price, mobile app development cost varies considerably from case to case.

If you’ve decided to relinquish out to your customers with the help of an application, you should know that there are three ways to develop it. You can get down to coding on your own, trust the creation of your app to a professional team of developers, or apply one of the free mobile app creation services. All these programs have both pros and cons.

There are a high number of such make-your-own-app services on the Internet to satisfy your every need. Some of the tools have been in survival for years, while others are just startups so far. Some of them are easy to use with a primary set of pre-established functions, others are feature-packed, providing full rein to users and the extent of their imagination. Some of them are tailored for developing native apps, while others are focused on providing cross-platform solutions for your business. Some of them are free of cost, and some are paid.

As you can see, the selection is pretty wide. Still, let’s focus on free app makers that enable you to create an immense amount of custom apps without any fee required.

  1. AppyPie


Drag, drop and build hybrid apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, and Kindle with an easy and quick cloud app builder. AppyPie is the quickest growing free iPhone App Makers out there. There is nothing to download and install, everything gets finished in a well-structured interface. Considering its launch in 2013, the service has been developing quickly, attracting users from all over the world with its integrity, modernity, and variety of features. This Indian platform prevails faithful to its idea – building an App Makers with it is as simple as pie.

The following characteristics of AppyPie help it win the affection of users:

  • A profoundly interactive and contemporary website is easy to use;
  •    Video tutorials encourage users to get started;
  •    Drag-and-drop functionality;
  •    The extensive variety of features with all app builders;
  •    An opportunity to create an endless amount of apps;
  •    A possibility to build games with the guidance of ready templates having no programming skills;
  •    24/7 support;
  •    30-day money back guarantees when switching to a prepaid plan.

The not-so-pleasant facets of AppyPie free version are:

  •    No app editing;
  •    No push information;
  •    No app analytics with Google Analytics;
  •    Related ads;
  •    AppyPie branding cannot be transferred;
  •    No customer support for independent users, though, the customer service replies they do it to prevent their clients from getting stabbed in the process;
  •    Only manual assent of apps, no support of app stores;
  •    To announce an app, you have to keep one of the subscription plans that start at $7 per month;
  •    Sharing an app under your developer account is impossible.

2. AppMakr


AppMakr is a DIY app creator that enables anyone, which has content to share, develop native apps that will operate on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It is fit for creating content-based apps for musicians, small businesses, bloggers, non-profit organizations, etc. Since its merging with Infinite Monkeys, the organization claims to be the largest DIY app publisher in the entire world.

The pros of utilizing Appmakr are as follows:

  • Simple code-free solutions allow building an app in minutes;
  •    Various features make it feasible to build a high-quality app with high-tech design and branding customization, built-in announcements and     live updates;
  •    The free version allows you to build an unlimited number of apps. If you endeavor for better customization and more features, you can pick one of the paid versions;
  •    Cross-platform patron;
  •    The App Quality Index is presented throughout the creation process;
  •    All the paid plans appear with a 30-day free trial and no penalties;
  •    Real-time research of apps;
  • All apps are published supporting a creator’s developer account.

The cons of developing your app with AppMakr are:

  • Creating an iPhone app is complex;
  •    Windows section has insufficient features since it is not so widely spread;
  •    Short tutorial videos that play with each new screen are not informative;
  • AppMakr Branding develops on the About Us page of your project.
  1. Appsbar


Appsbar is a free service where you can create and publish an extensive number of apps without any upgrade plans and buried fees. In 2012, Apps bar Inc. won the Genuine New Tech Company of the Year Gold Stevie Award. The platform is supposed to be one of the leading free Android app makers. It’s also fit for building Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows Phone applications.

The delightful things about this service are:

  • Building native Android apps;
  •    A tool to produce coupons;
  •    A careful review of an app by a team of developers before it gets published;
  •    An app in development is saved in a user account, so there is no need to cease everything at one sitting;
  •    Help screens and a “wizard” offer support during the building process;
  • No in-app promotion.

The service may let you down with:

  • A bit traditional interface;
  •    Age restrictions – users need to be 13 or older;
  •    A chance that an app will be denied from a store because of a template interface;
  • Ad banners can be combined to your app any time the company requires since it is stated regarding Use.

4. Mobincube


Designed by a Spanish startup company, this platform lets you create any app easily. A wide assortment of customization features allows the creation of unique mobile applications that look astonishingly good.

Lately, Mobincube has added a new feature which makes it possible to combine your HTML elements while creating an app. Such a function is of exceptional help to those building unconventional solutions like gaming and animation applications. The best feature of Mobincube is that you can make an unrestricted number of apps in its free version. The paid programs cost from 2.99 $/month. Their features differ depending on their types.

The advantages of working with Mobincube are:

Advanced functionality;

  •    The accommodation is unlimited in the free version;
  •    A variation of customization tools;
  •    An extensive number of apps;
  •    Databases to view data-rich apps;
  •    A chance to monetize apps;
  • A possibility to make cash from ads.

There might be the subsequent inconveniences:

  • The interface of the App Makers is not very natural, so you will possibly require using the tutorials;
  •    Push notifications are restricted to 500;
  •    Ads;
  • Branding and analytics are accessible in the most expensive plans only.

5. BuildFire


If you have never built an app before, this service is probably for you. With its help, you can quickly make an app for iOS or create an app for Android. If you choose to switch to a paid plan, you should know that Build fire is the most affordable app creator on the market.


  •    A very easy building process that will allow you to create your app in under 10 minutes;
  •    Advanced social network combination features;
  •    Builders for the industry you prefer in the first step launch automatically;
  •    The feature-packed service comprises event input, native integrity programs, Bluetooth integration and third-party
  •    Admittance to the source code of the app you produce;
  • Support team.


  • Commercial abilities are limited;
  •    The support crew doesn’t work 24/7;
  • The free version enables you to build, edit and preview your apps, but to download them you have to turn to a paid plan.


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