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Wearables at Workplace

Wearables At Workplace-To Be or Not To Be?

Many of my friends have stopped using wrist watches. This is not surprising either of us. You might also have noticed your friends saying, “Dude! The mobile phone shows date,time and the entire calendar, Do you think I need a watch?”

A year ago, I heard this from a friend. Today he has a watch that shows time, date, weather, calendar, number of steps he walked and much more in less than 3 inches display. Nowadays, Wearables are getting smarter like people. Technology has also started to take steps to impress people by combining purpose and trend.

IBM introduced this smart wearables concept with a prototype of ‘Digital Jewelry’. There were a few pitfalls that made them not to step forward with this. However, there are several organizations that are willing to bring in the smart wearables or wearables at workplace concept. Folks like my friend who said “No” to an analog watch and switched to a digital watch a year later, are ready to accept this change. The idea conflict rises when there are a certain number of people who are not up for such transformations.

When an organization wishes to bring in such an innovation for the well-being of the employees, a few hesitate to share their confidential information with their employers. This argument is debatable. A statistics from London by PwC, says that, people beyond 35 years old are not comfortable with this idea. I was also as curious as you readers to know why.

This technology of wearables at workplace will be a voluminous collection of employee’s data in a chip. This chip fitted wearable will be used like passport, in money transactions, health tracking and so on. The idea seemed to be least receptive due to the deployment of personal data.

But majority of them are happy about this changeover in their workplace. Technology has taken a step forward in making and selling smart clothes, fitness bands, smart watches and glasses for those who are interested in using such techno-wears. These smart wearables are being used by people not only at their workplace, but also for their personal use. However, the idea conflict between organizations and its employees on wearables at workplace is still in talks.

It can favor the uninterested set of people when data security is being promised with respect to these chip fitted wearables at workplace. The wearable makers may not take longer maybe tomorrow, if secured data is integrated, there are chances of winning the hearts of the naysayers.

Technology has reached the zenith of advancement. It is driving man lazy to go to a restaurant to eat. Instead he orders food using Food or Grocery App. While one slice of technology’s pan pizza plays this role in man’s hunger for sophisticated life, the other slice wants to suffice his need for his well being. May be the people who showed less interest in adopting this technology are expecting data security. It will serve the purpose of the employee as well as the as the employer like the digital watch served both the purpose and trend of my friend.

Techno-wear is a big a leap in IoT and Machine Learning. It will help mobile app builder developing companies which is ready to take its next step forward in this domain. The organization is also actively involved in IoT and Machine-To-Machine enterprise application development. eGrove Systems has also extended its interest in development of Smart Home Automation, Security Tracking, Utility Consumption Tracking and much more in association with IoT and M2M technologies.

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