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Push Notifications and In-App Messages

Push Notifications and In-App Messages Can Skyrocket Your Mobile ROI

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The rise of mobile devices has changed the landscape of marketing. It’s not enough to market through channels like email and social media. It’s vital that you reach consumers directly in their mobile devices if you want to reach your customers. Many businesses have adopted this mindset and pushed forward with mobile marketing and mobile apps. However, many of these businesses expect outstanding results from the get-go and don’t think about a long term strategy. Like other channels, it’s necessary to engage consumers on a regular basis for optimal results.

That’s why continuous mobile customer engagement needs to be the strategy that’s used. With continuous engagement, you create trust and build a relationship with consumers by providing value to them. Long term engagement will also give you valuable insight into what your audience responds to so that you can improve your targeting and expand your reach to bigger and related audiences. A combination of Push Notifications and in app messaging can be the bridge that keeps consumers and customers engaged, and consequently lead to businesses seeing high ROI numbers in their mobile campaigns.

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3 Stats that Prove Push Notification is Essential for Mobile Apps

1. Push Notification Increases App Engagement by 171%

Users that enable push notifications launched their three times more than users who have not. These users were using the app 14.7 times a month compared to the 5.4 times non-enabled users which is an increase of 171%. One of the biggest mobile challenges that businesses face is getting their users to come back to their app and stay engaged with them. These stats make it clear that using push is essential in getting an app to succeed.

2. Half of Users Opt Into Push and Find Value in the Messages

Many businesses often wonder how many of their users want to be contacted by push messages. Surprisingly, 50% of users opt in and expect useful messages from businesses. If you’re not taking advantage of push notification, then you’re actually alienating a large group of users that want to receive updates from you.

3. Push Notifications Have Open Rates that Range from 47-80%

What’s even more surprising is that push messages have very high open rates that range anywhere from 47-80%. The key to high open rates is to make the messages relevant, timely and relationship focused. It’s also important to find the right balance in how often to reach out to users. Using push effectively can help businesses achieve a great ROI on their mobile campaigns as the study indicates that most of the messages had commercial intent.

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3 Stats that Show the Importance of In-App Messaging

1. In-App Messaging Increase App Launches by 27%

In-app messages are basically messages that are sent while users are using an app. According to Localytics, using in-app messages increased app launches by 27%. This makes a lot of sense as these messages improves the user experience and make users realize the value of the app.

2. In-App Messages Receive 8x Better Engagement than Push Messages

Urban Airship’s Mobile Engagement Benchmark Survey revealed that in-app messages outperformed push messages by 800%. But that doesn’t mean you should use in-app messages over push. The best way to use in-app messages is to combine it with push messages to get the highest engagement numbers possible.

3. Triggered In-App Messages Increased Conversion by 400%

Deploying in-app messages triggered by events in the app lead to a 4x increase in conversion rates. This statistic should wake up eCommerce store owners and motivate them to do more with in-app messages. eCommerce stores can trigger time sensitive discounts, send relevant upsell packages, notify users of current sales/promotions or remind users about their store credit. Giving users relevant and well-timed offers gives them an extra incentive to make a purchase.

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