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Google Recommended – Content Quality Guideline for your Website

Online businesses have their upsides, but they also come with disadvantages. One of their downsides is that customers don’t have many ways to measure the trustworthiness of a site. Content is one of the metrics that online visitors use to gauge the superiority of a website. Think of site material as the foundation of your SEO, and below are several useful hints on the content quality guideline to get it right.


Maintain the highest standards when creating subject matter for your site, and that means getting professional content creators. Pay special attention to the homepage because more often than not, that is the first contact that visitors have with your site. The material should provide value and relevance to users.

Strategic Keyword Use

As tempting as it may be, don’t flood site material with keywords. Of course, using the right Web Directory Sites keyword is paramount for SEM but overdoing it will have a negative effect when Google is ranking your site. Take the time to research keywords and use the ones you want users to find the site with.


Avoid using images to display vital material such as links or names. If it is not possible to format elements using regular HTML, then consider ALT tags instead because Google does not recognize text embedded in graphics.

Duplicate Material

Canonicalization is appropriate when you have a site with multiple copies of pages with the same subject material. By using canonicalization, you avoid splitting URLs when users access these copies.

Up-to-date Material

One of the most content quality guideline is fresh content goes a long way in improving your site’s SEO, and that is why you should ensure readers have access to updated information. Find out the latest news, trends, tips, and hacks and include them on your site.

Expert Links

Another aspect of quality material is including expert sources when creating it. Incorporating links to authoritative sites will boost the rankings of your site significantly. Be careful, though about the value of the citations, references, and links.

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Customer Reviews

Allowing online visitors to provide reviews is essential if you want a site that stands out. Consider negative criticisms as importantly as the positive ones because they will help improve. Reviews should be on reliable sites such as Yelp and Google+.

Provide Contacts

Providing your contacts on the site will solidify the legitimacy of your business. With all the online scams going on, customers find it hard to trust a company that doesn’t provide any form of contact information. It also makes it less complicated for customers to get answers.

Optimize for Mobile

A site should be user-friendly with facile navigation and uncomplicated layouts. Make mobile-first a priority when optimizing a site for better ranking. A high percentage of online users gain access through mobile devices, thus, providing an audience that you can reach by structuring mobile-first material and designs.

Avoid Broken Links

Links make it possible for a search engine to locate your site when crawling, so ensure that they are not broken. Also, make certain to use a logical structure when creating them. Broken links will interfere with accessibility to your site, subsequently impacting SEM.

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