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Digitize Your Retail Store To Excite Your Customers

New Interactive Kiosk

Who doesn’t like finding that special something without having to spend hours looking for it? Retail stores are moving towards interactive kiosk to customize your shopping experience and help you find just what you want. It displays what products are available in the store and has them sent from another store if needed so there is no need to drive all over town trying to find a specific item, or call to see if they have it in your size. You can find it all out in one place and check out at the same time.

Attractive Instore Apps

As retail store apps become more commonplace, the availability will increase too. Imagine walking in a store opening the instore app to see right before you the latest trends and styles that are available in different colors and styles in that store. Then select what you like and see how it looks together. No more going to all the different departments trying to find the right pair of heels to go with that new outfit to then look for earrings to match. Your app just took the guesswork out of it for you. Mobile Commerce is changing our expectations of a good shopping trip and for good reason.

Mobile Beacons

You have picked out your purchases and before you checkout, the mobile beacons in your instore app have found you a special list on your shopping history. The mobile beacons allow the retail store to track and offer deals to returning customers and stock the store with what their consumers want most.

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POS System for Convenience

For your convenience, many retailers are installing POS systems for faster checkouts. Depending on the system and if you used a kiosk to assemble your order you may have a barcode to scan listing all your items making scanning each item unnecessary. The POS system is digital so you can quickly and easily check for accuracy before you pay.

Mobile Commerce Changing the way We Shop

With mobile commerce making it easier for retailers to track the current trends, consumers have more of a say about what they want to see on the store racks. The ability to customize your look and yet be trendy too is why mCommerce is changing advertising and retail alike. When we shop we don’t want to wait weeks to receive our order. We like to see how it looks on real people and what others are saying about it. We want to feel like we are special, and when a store uses mCommerce to customize our shopping just for us with special deals and products, what could be better than that? Not to mention all the money the retailers can save by us telling them what we want without them having to figure it out.

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