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    Zipyshipy is a US based retail store targeting specific states such as Texas, Kellen, New jersey etc.

    • Individual home page layouts based on store location.
    • Store based restrictions based on customer shipment location.
    • Unique product details layout with description and images.
    • Multiple stores and store based product categories.
    • Simple product with custom options for stitching dresses.
    • Business intelligent push notifications targeting specific user locations.
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    DesiMart is an online store that deals in Grocery, Meat & Produce categories with more than 5000+ products targeted across the United States.

    • Delivery and store pickup options – Facility to deliver the goods to customer location or customer can choose store pickup option to pickup on their own.
    • Date and time slots display for delivery and store pickup process.
    • Browse products in lightning speed.
    • Predefined layouts for product listing and detailed screens
    • Push notification settings to send the messages to targeted customers based on their purchase history, geo-location, abandoned cart etc..
    • Contactless delivery process – for a safer delivery service
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