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    Healthyhop is an online store which deals in snacks delivery. The Main Objective of the store is to provide the best quality of products in affordable price to the customers.

    • Unique product display layout with description and images
    • Multiple stores and store based product categories
    • Store based restriction for customer shipment location
    • Language selection based on customer preference
    • Easily change store location
    • Multiple product categories with enhanced hamburger menu
    Sampradayik logo

    Sampradayik is an online store for hand made Artifacts. The treasure-trove of a fascinating range of art forms and traditional crafts, each unique in style, theme, concept, form and expression from all the regions across Incredible India.

    • Tier based pricing and special pricing implemented based on customer groups
    • Enriched search and filter options
    • Deeplinking for orders, products and app share
    • Enhanced product details screen
    • Implemented Push notifications and deeplinking
    • SMS notifications for successful orders
    • Android Icon
    Sam-pradik phone