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A Guide to Successful Brand Advertising on Your Mobile App Homepage

A Guide to Successful Brand Advertising on Your Mobile App Homepage

There are thousands of mobile apps being launched every day. And how do you ensure that your application stands head and shoulders above the competition? Well, everything depends on the design, functionality, and branding of your app. A lot of up-and-coming companies focus on functionality and design and end up overlooking the significance of branding, especially on the homepage of their mobile app.

Truth be told, almost every aspect of your business, such as good-quality products and app dynamics, can be emulated even though you have a copyright and a patent. So, ultimately, it is branding that will help you stand out and connect with your buyers’ psyche. But, as branding is a pretty perplexing term, you might need some hand holding in the beginning. At times, branding on the home page is even confused with marketing. But both of these terms are distinct. In this post, we will examine the A to Z of successful brand advertising on your mobile app and see its potential benefits.

What is brand advertising?

In simple terms, brand advertising or branding defines your ‘POV’ or ‘Point of View’ and how you want users to see you. For instance, despite being blatantly overpriced and overhyped, people cannot help but upload a picture of a Starbucks espresso whenever they purchase a cup. Well, this is the prowess of branding.

Moreover, many companies and startups also interchange branding with marketing. But both of these terms are vastly different. Marketing is reaching buyers and enticing them to do business with you, whereas branding is how you want them to see your firm. Users will not right away come and download your app. You have to coax them with ads, emails, and other marketing strategies so that they download the app. And your marketing tactics are premised on your branding ideas.

Now that we know what brand advertising is, let us walk through the step-by-step process of a successful brand advertising strategy for your mobile app homepage.

Top 10 Tricks and Tips for Successful Mobile App Home Page Advertising

Statista reports 2.65 million Google Play Store apps and 1.85 million Apple App Store apps. Such gargantuan numbers mean that the competition is high, and to gain a competitive advantage, you have to go the extra mile. Nowadays, mobile apps and their home pages must be strongly branded. From the logo to the app icon, everything appears first on your mobile app’s home page. Therefore, extra vigilance is important. So, without further ado, let us discuss some of the easy yet effective ways of successful brand advertising for your mobile app’s home page.

1. Utility and Functionality Have No Substitute

The home page is the first point of contact between your business’s mobile application and consumers. Therefore, when you navigate branding, utility and functionality must be prioritized. The home page should have a set of well-designed features that offer utility along with ease of use.

2. Adopt a customer-centric approach.

After years of painstaking effort, you have established a brand that truly and genuinely cares for the customers, but all such hard work will collapse like a house of cards if you do not incorporate a customer-centric approach on your mobile app’s home page. The user is king, and it is crucial to acknowledge that you are not the user. The target audience may not feel the same way about something that you wholeheartedly like and cherish.

So, when designing the homepage of your business’s mobile app, it is essential to have empathy for the user’s preferences, needs, and motives. It is the best way to gauge the direction of the app and ensure that the branding is on full display. If your app is consistent with the expectations of the target audience, half the battle is already won.  

3. Play Around With the Logo, Icon, and Name

You should pay as much attention as possible to your mobile app’s name, logo, and icon to make the branding impactful. And the way to go about this branding is by starting with the home page. Remember to keep things simple and easy to recall. According to a peer-reviewed study, ‘brand recognition and association have a positive impact on customers’ purchase intentions.’ The study shows that people prefer to buy products from brands that they recognize and have positive associations with.

And one excellent way to embed such brand recall value is by adding elements to the homepage of your mobile phone app. Along with recognition, the home page should also be unique and free of cliches. Likewise, when it comes to the logo, remember that it is not the identity or just a visual item, but a long-term investment for your company.

4. Take the assistance of a typography expert.

The fourth way to devise successful brand advertising on your mobile app’s home page is by hiring a typography expert. A design firm or graphic/UI/UX designer can start this. Typography is a simplistic means of achieving a visual hierarchy of the elements in the app. Along with the beauty of the fonts used on the front page, readability is also important. Furthermore, when you build cohesion in the fonts of your mobile app, starting from the home page to the contact page, brand symmetry begins to be wreathed automatically.

5. Use ample white space.

One essential element of brand building is minimalism. So, when you are designing the homepage of your mobile app, make sure to use ample white spaces in the visual layout to grab the user’s attention to the areas that matter the most. The strategic selection of white spaces is an excellent tool to ensure readability, content prioritization, and aesthetic value.

6. Keep It Simple, Silly

Simplicity is tougher than complexity, and it is a truth that might be hard to swallow. So, top-tier branding for your mobile app begins with the home being designed in a way that is simple yet impactful. Adding loads of bright colors or spicing things up by playing with varying fonts and sizes is easy, but too much of it can do more harm than good to your app.

A cluttered home page with a complex design will entangle the branding and leave the user confused and dissatisfied. So, follow the Keep-It-Simple (KISS) rule to make the app and its homepage more engaging and user-centric.

7. Enhance Interaction with Users

The homepage of your mobile app should not be a singular or isolated entity. You must strengthen its personality and depth by making it more interactive. It is also possible to increase brand loyalty with marketing strategies such as referrals, discounts, urgent sales, and so forth. And the best way to create anticipation about these marketing strategies is by embedding them on your home page.

8 . Indulge in competitive research.

Brand awareness and advertising on the homepage of your mobile app cannot happen in isolation. Competitor analysis and working on updating the features of the app are crucial in the long run. Remember that branding and marketing for your mobile app have to remain parallel so that people can better identify your business.

9 . Bring keywords in.

The penultimate way to establish brand awareness on your mobile app’s homepage is by bringing in keywords. Once you have created the logo, icon, and app name, using keywords with high search volumes can improve your app’s potential by leaps and bounds.

Write the headlines, descriptions, meta tags, image tags, etc. carefully to enhance views. Such small steps are incredibly effective in bringing organic traffic to your mobile app and helping you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

10. Branding does not happen in a day.

Last but not least, remember that branding does not happen in a day. Moreover, it is not a straight road, and sensibility, flexibility, and risk-taking are all essential parts of the brand. Make sure to go all-in with your storyboards, be brave enough to adapt to the latest technologies and innovations, weave a relatable brand story, and test various layouts and screens. Remember that effective branding does not come easy; it takes time, research, rigorous testing, and expertise.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it: a crisp overview of the ten simple yet effective ways to devise successful brand advertising on your business’s mobile app home page. A home page is an unrivaled king, determining the success and failure of the overall mobile app. Before the user interacts with your app or the content within, he or she will engage with the home screen. Thus, it is crucial to be extra mindful of the design and other nitty-gritty of the homepage to facilitate relevant branding.


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  • Navigating the crowded app market, this guide decodes the art of impactful brand advertising. From user-centric design to interactive elements, it unveils essential strategies for a standout mobile app homepage. A must-read roadmap for app success.