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5 Common Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid to Improve Your eCommerce ROI

Grocery e-commerce companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger continue to expand their digital offerings. As FMI’s 2018 Grocery Shopper Trends Report shows, consumers’ grocery shopping habits continue to shift to online shopping.

There is no doubt that more and more grocery retailers of all sizes and types will prioritize innovation to maintain their share of consumer grocery habits and budgets.

Digital transformation is the process of using technology to fundamentally change the way companies work and deliver value to their customers. In the Elite mCommerce industry, digital transformation helps companies improve their Return on investment (ROI) by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and expanding reach.

Here are five common digital transformation mistakes to avoid to improve your ecommerce ROI.

1. Lack of responsibility

Everyone in your organization agrees that digital transformation is important, but they may not see it as their responsibility. The director shifts the blame to management, management decides it’s the marketing team’s responsibility, and the marketing team commits it to IT.

It doesn’t work. Everyone must take responsibility. Without the HR team’s involvement, how do you know how best to digitize HR? Do you know the best software for your sales team’s needs? Do you have a say in helping roll out promotions? Cross-organizational collaboration and accountability are essential.

How to avoid lack of responsibility

Make sure everyone is on board. You can ask each team to identify the problems they are facing today and understand how digital transformation can help solve them.

2. Wait for the competition

You might think it makes sense to wait for the competition before investing in digital transformation. Why spend money unnecessarily when none of your competitors are doing it? But this is a dangerous game.

Waiting for your competitors is a great way to stay behind. They may not know the digital transformation they are facing until it is too late.

Suppose a competitor suddenly sells twice as much as he did before. They did a little research and learned that their contact center was using new software that provided advanced reporting and analytics, as well as remote screen sharing to enable collaboration across teams.

How long does it take to set up the same call center solution? A week? Moon? One year? You are catching up now because you chose to wait.

How to avoid waiting for competition

Focus on your own business needs before worrying about what your competitors are doing. If digital transformation can improve your business, do it! Stay one step ahead of your competitors and let them catch up with you.

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3. Focus on the ‘what’, not the ‘why’

Digital transformation is exciting. Invest in new and exciting technology. However, if you’re not careful, you can get so focused on what to invest in next that you lose sight of why you need that investment.

It sounds fantastic that VoIP phones are on every desk and biometric technology is deployed throughout the office. But they only make sense if your business really needs them. If they don’t improve your business, they are just a waste of resources, taking away money that could have been invested in something else, like providing excellent customer service.

How to avoid questions

Instead of making a list of all the gadgets and software you want to use, make a list of the problems you’re trying to solve. This enables the user to focus on business requirements. Then the digital transformation strategy you put in place will actually serve its purpose.

For example, you can improve customer satisfaction by reducing call handling time in your contact center. With that goal in mind, we can find the best technical solution for the task.

4. Little by little transformation

Transformation is not about implementing a digital strategy step by step here and there. You can’t invest in a video hosting platform and hope for the best. Transformation changes the structure of a company. It can be daunting and expensive.

How to make perfect transformations

Budget. Find the money necessary to appropriately address digital change. You may need to reorganize your budget or put some expenditures on hold. However, doing this will prepare your company for 2023 and beyond.

5. Being Weighed Down in the Details

It is critical to plan, but you do not want to become paralyzed by analytical paralysis. Doing is more important than planning in digital transformation.

Planning that is excessive and unneeded will slow down the change process. You risk lagging behind your competitors, and your strategies may become obsolete.

Digital customer service is constantly evolving. If you plan for 18 months, your goals will have changed and you will have to start anew.

How to Avoid being distracted by small issues

Recognize that digital change necessitates experimentation. You won’t always get everything perfect the first time, but that’s fine. Aim for the bare minimum and get it out there! With testing and feedback, you can then alter and enhance this.


Putting in place a robust digital transformation plan will not be simple, and you will almost surely encounter challenges along the road. However, by avoiding these frequent blunders, you will place your company in the greatest position to improve customer experience, remain ahead of the competition, and embrace the digital age.


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