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Grocery stores can now add Shopper safety feature on app

When it comes to shopping online or otherwise, the grocery store owner needs to ensure the customer’s safety. Say, for instance, you are the owner of a brick and mortar grocery store, and you have people visiting your store, even in this crisis. Then it is essential to ensure that you have sufficient safety measures in place like you can provide visitors face masks, hand sanitizers and have sufficient space so that they can maintain proper distance while shopping. Similarly, if you have the facility of providing doorstep delivery, then make sure that the sensitive information like the banking details that your customers are sharing with you while making the purchase. Thus, it is essential for grocery store owners to ensure the safety and security of customers who are visiting their stores, whether physically or online. However, if you have a grocery mobile app, then there are specific points that you must take into consideration to ensure the safety of all your customers and some of these are as follows:

  1. Zero-contact delivery

When customers place orders through a grocery mobile app, most of them are told that products will be delivered adhering to zero-contact delivery norms. Through this method, the items that have been ordered will be either left at the doorstep. Otherwise, the items can be kept in a box that the customer has been asked to leave outside. These measures are taken to ensure the safety of both the customers and the delivery personnel. Sometimes details are also provided about the other zero-contact delivery features to help customers understand the process better. This added feature in the mobile app has become one of the standard norms of most online grocery shopping apps. 

  1. Easy connection to emergency services

Some online grocery shopping apps have made it possible for shoppers to connect with emergency services, urgently directly from the apps. Say, for instance, a shopper is feeling unwell and is alone at home. Then he can connect with the local emergency services directly from the mobile app. As details of the customer, such as the home address, location of the customer through Global Positioning System (GPS) services can be accessed from the app itself, it will be easier for the emergency service personnel to reach the customer’s location. This added feature makes it easier for the nearest emergency services to reach out to persons who would otherwise be difficult to find on time.

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  1. Prioritizing all forms of safety

Most online grocery delivery store owners are making it a point to prioritize the health of their customers. They are trying their best to ensure that the customers share not just physical health but also sensitive information. The banking details that customers share with your website need to be safeguarded against hackers. Hence, proper security measures must be in place so that customers feel comfortable making purchases from your website or mobile application. Hence, when you develop a mobile application, it becomes essential that you safeguard your customers’ safety and security both physically and in the cyber world.

Although it seems to be a daunting task, it is not very difficult because you can provide your customers with enhanced security by placing specific protocols in place. This will not only make your customers safer but also happier. Happy customers mean they will keep coming back to your website or use your mobile application to make the purchases. So when you develop a mobile application for your grocery store, all you need to keep in mind is your customers’ safety and security, which will ensure that you have loyal customers.


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