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9 Must-Have Features for a Grocery Delivery App

With new mobile apps launching every month, shoppers are getting plenty of options to choose from when it comes to grocery shopping. Grocery mobile app development is the fastest-growing industry, serving millions of customers online. These apps have made our lives a lot easier by allowing us to place an order for our desired grocery items online and have them delivered to our address. Here are 9 such features every grocery app should have for smooth and efficient functioning.

  1. Easy and Quick Registration

The registration should be simple and quick. It must allow your customers to sign up for a user account easily. Nowadays, most vendors are adding a social media sign-up option to enable customers to register an account with the app using their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Other registration options are through email ID or mobile number-based OTP. 

  1. Product Listing

In this section, the vendor is supposed to mention crucial details of the product (detailed explanation) to help customers collect necessary details about their desired items. Product listing is where you list the items available in stock. Make sure you list these products with a detailed description of the item and a proper image.

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  1. Search

Every grocery app has a search option where your customers can type the name of the vendor they’d like to shop from or the product they want to purchase. This option should be visible on the homepage, allowing your audience to search for their desired product easily.

  1. Order Tracking

Once the order is placed, your customers will want to know the delivery status of the order. They must be able to track the delivery status—from order dispatch to estimated delivery time. Order tracking is one of the essential features of, not only a grocery app but all types of mobile apps.

  1. Discount Coupons

Customers love discounts, especially when they are getting them on the daily-use items. Add a discount and coupon feature to your grocery app and let your customers enjoy savings on their grocery bills. You should also keep offering rebates to your customers every now and then to ensure that your customers make repeated purchases from your store.

  1. Push Notifications

A modern grocery delivery app has a “push notifications” function that allows your customers to get a mobile notification for new offers and the latest deals. As mentioned earlier, your customers are highly likely to shop from your grocery app if they get discounted offers and the latest deals. This function sends an automated notification to your customers every time you have a new deal. 

  1. Recommended Products

You must have seen this feature on Amazon and other online marketplaces. As the name suggests, recommended products show your customers a list of items they must be interested in buying based on their previous purchases or search history.

  1. Payment Options

The most popular payment options for online shopping are credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, and payment through mobile wallets. You can get more creative and add multiple payment methods to allow more choices for your customers. Your grocery mobile app development team will add different payment gateways to offer a broad range of choices to your audience.

  1. Memberships

Some grocery delivery apps offer a membership plan, allowing customers to sign up for a paid plan in return for benefits like free delivery, special offers for premium members, quick delivery, and so on. Your customers can choose free membership or go for a paid membership plan—whatever they find suitable.

These were the top 9 features every grocery app needs for smooth and better functioning. So, why wait? Hire an app developer and build a robust grocery app!


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