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Develop a Meat & Fish Delivery App Like Licious

The growing customers’ demand for online food delivery has opened the eCommerce market to many innovations. Today, meat stores have started offering home delivery services. These small meat retailers serve people by sending meat and seafood to their places. 

Customers want fresh and tender meat delivered to their doorsteps. They are, now, on the lookout for online meat delivery services that cater to their online food delivery requirements. Considering the current demand for meat delivery, a retailer or grocery store supplying meat should consider investing in a meat delivery app to serve a large number of customers.

You can take inspiration from Licious or build a licious clone app to grow your customer base. Let your customers place an order for their favorite food and the required meat from the app. Here’s how you can build a meat & fish delivery app like Licious.

Research Your Target Audience

You know your objective and target audience. But, that will not work until you research your target market, analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies, and check out the top apps serving your prospects. Remember that your ultimate goal is to retain your existing customers and attract new prospects to grow your store. 

A successful mobile app development process starts with research. You need to understand your demographics, the buying pattern of people you are targeting, and the features they need in a mobile app. Take a close look at Licious and check out its features. See how it is catering to hundreds of thousands of requests effortlessly. You need to build an impressive meat delivery app, like Licious, to grow your business.

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Select the Features

Not every small meat retailer has the budget to make a Licious clone. But, if you have a good budget, you can incorporate as many features of the Licious app as you want. Here are a few popular functions to consider when building a meat delivery app:

  • Online order booking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Rating and feedback system
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Shorter route tracking
  • Profile management
  • Delivery status updation tool
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Notifications 
  • Reports
  • Product and cost management
  • Stock management

These were only to name a few. There are plenty of features that make Licious customers’ favorite for meat delivery. 

Choose the Best Mobile App Developer

Once you know what you want, you can start your research for the best mobile app development company. Choose an app developer who has experience designing the UX and UI for meat or other food delivery apps. It’s important to check the experience of the developers and get quotes before you come to a decision. 

The cost of the meat delivery app development can be anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000 depending on the features you’d like to add and the complexity of the app you are building. Still, it is best to discuss your goals with the app development company and get a quote from a few mobile app developers. The research will help you find the best deal at the best rate.

Test your Mobile App

The mobile app development company will test your mobile app at different stages of development to keep the cost low and fix the bugs at the early stages so that you don’t have to make modifications later. Once the developers have tested the apps, they will plan a launch date. 

Note that the development process does not end at launch. You need to receive customers’ feedback and work on it to keep improving the app to ensure that the app is in line with your customers’ needs. 


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