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10 Best Grocery List Apps for Android

Need a way to add groceries to your list from your phone? Taking notes isn’t good enough, and thankfully there are plenty of free and cheap apps that make it easy to create a grocery list. They also offer other features like sharing, saved lists, and nutrition. When you are buying from multiple stores, ordering from grocery delivery apps, and more, it can get complicated. Here are ten top apps for Android device users that can be downloaded from the Google Play Android App Store.

  1. Out of Milk

Out of Milk is an app that lets you make shopping lists and to-do lists, plus make a pantry list so you know what you have in stock at home as well. You can move items between lists easily. It supports multiple shopping lists, sharing by text and email, as well as syncing across multiple devices. Out of Milk was named in the ‘Top 10 Most-Used Shopping Apps’ by Nielsen. 

  1. Make-A-List

Make-A-List from Garbek is great for making any kind of list. You can sort your lists and mark items complete or incomplete. You can add items by voice-to-text so you don’t need to type. Offline mode is supported so you don’t need to be online when you make your list or when you’re in the supermarket. You can also set reminders for later to ensure you don’t forget things, like visiting certain stores on your trip or picking up certain important items. 

  1. Yummly

Yummly is a smart cooking app that provides recipes, but it’s also ideal for grocery shopping. It automatically creates shopping lists when you choose a recipe, and also suggests recipes based on the items you already have as ingredients. You can get personalized recommendations based on your saved recipes and previous interests. In select locations you can order grocery delivery directly from the app to get the ingredients you need. 

  1. Our Groceries

Our Groceries is an Android app that is meant for the whole family, helping you synchronize grocery lists between devices. It also supports adding items from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Watch. Recipes can be shared as well. The premium version lets you add photos to items on the list for reference as well as scan barcodes on grocery items to instantly add them to lists and save them for later. 


AnyList is at the top of the Google Play app store’s list for good reason. It can store multiple lists for different purposes and lets you check off items just as easily as adding them. You can create and organize categories of items that fit the way you shop, such as items available at certain stores or sections of the supermarket. You can also enter your own recipes or copy them from other sources, then add the ingredients to a shopping list directly. The premium version offers a meal-planning calendar so you can plan out your week or month and when to shop and what to buy next.  

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6.My Pantry

My Pantry is an app that’s great for tracking your shopping lists and the status of your pantry at home. Share your shopping lists with others so anyone can pick up what you need. You won’t need to check the pantry as often when you track exactly what you buy and use. It also tracks expiration dates so you get text or email alerts when items are expiring soon. 


Whisk is a recipe and grocery app list that was named a 2020 Everyday Essentials pick for Android. It offers free shareable recipes, meal planning, and grocery lists, and any recipe can be turned into a shopping list based on its ingredients. Whisk is partnered with online grocery delivery apps including Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger, Ralphs, and Instacart. 

8.Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal is an app that locates coupons and discounts for local grocery stores and attaches them to your shopping lists for the most savings. It’s great for comparing prices and finding items that are on sale. Lists can be organized by store and category so you can compare different deals and find the best savings. 


Bring! is a grocery list app that’s meant for sharing and tracking multiple lists. Multiple users will get notified so you know who has bought what or when something else has been added to the list. It also handles recipes and can calculate the number of servings that need to be bought for ingredients.

10. That Shopping List

That Shopping List is a great option for a simple, fast, and easy grocery mobile app with good organizational tools such as intelligent search and color-coded categories. There is no limit on sharing grocery lists and it syncs perfectly. 


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