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Why Twitter Video Ad Campaign is best for B2B and B2C

With digital marketing at its peak, it has become essential for every business to include social media marketing under its strategy for efficiently reaching other businesses as well as consumers. Twitter, amongst all, has proven its worth in delivering short & crisp messages. It is also an amazing platform to interact with brands and consumers who follow a specific business group.

What is the new and effective way of marketing on Twitter?

Besides the tweets, there is a large audience relying on Twitter social media marketing videos to gather information. The audience is watching across 2 billion videos on Twitter every day. Many businesses from all parts of the world are utilizing Twitter video ads for lead generation and seamless interaction with the consumers. 

Top benefits of Twitter Video Ad Campaign:

Deep linking:

Regardless of your agenda, whether it is to make users visit your website or having them download your app, Twitter gives you an option of deep linking. Linking Twitter to app login is one of the ways to direct users directly to the app and not the website or app store.

6-second video ad bidding:

Twitter has launched 6-second video ad bidding, which is providing further advanced options for marketers. They will be charged once a video ad is viewed for 6 seconds while pixels at 50% in view i.e.,

a) 6s/50%. Other ways to bid are
b) Per video view when viewed for 2 seconds or more
c) Per 3s/100% when viewed for 3 seconds.

Autoplay option:

With a promoted Twitter video, it appears on targeted user’s timelines. Once they scroll down, a video would be auto-played. That certainly increases the chances of visibility.

Why are Twitter video ads beneficial for B2B & B2C?

When it comes to using Twitter for business purposes, either to generate B2B digital marketing leads or to make consumers buy your products or services, Twitter allows room for instant communication.  Twitter ads are another opportunity to engage the audience in a more interactive way through appealing videos. Most users tend to watch a video of up to 6 seconds. What could work better than words, anyway? 

Top uses of Twitter video ads:

  • While users on Twitter actively engage in gossip & news or interact with their friends, they are simultaneously utilizing the platform to follow brands & their products.
  • There are overall 2 billion videos viewed by users in a day. Besides that, on average, a user is interacting directly with at least five businesses on Twitter.
  • It is critical for a business to stay communicative, responsive, and generate relevant content, especially through appealing videos throughout the day. Otherwise, there is a lack of interaction that makes your business look dull. Twitter allows a business to stay at the top of their game. 
  • In a survey done, people have claimed to be interested in watching videos rather than reading about a brand’s products and services. This leads to better conversion!
  • At least 75% of B2C digital marketing businesses are currently present on Twitter, utilizing the platform to generate a positive experience for their customers or clients.
  • While Twitter helps generate quality leads, considering the explorative nature of the platform, brands are also effectively managing complaints or discussing a purchase. A video is undeniably the best way to grab attention and explain dos and don’ts in depth.


Watching videos is a passive experience, unlike reading. They are definitely easier to remember. Hence, it has become essential for either B2B or B2C businesses to focus on effective methods of generating the lead. The targeted Twitter video ads ensure lead generation as well as conversion. Plus, videos related to a product or your brand could last an impression on viewers.

Source: eGrove Systems


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