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The Best Grocery Delivery Apps of 2021

Mobile apps make it possible to shop and place orders quickly and conveniently, and they are taking the grocery industry by storm in 2021. Getting groceries delivered to your door has saved people from having to take trips to the supermarket during the pandemic and when they don’t have the time to go themselves. (stat) Grocery delivery apps have grown significantly, with a rise in first-time users and a total of $5.9 billion spent on delivery and pickup orders in the US during November. 

Grocery apps can be operated by a store brand or as a third-party that buys groceries from any store you choose. Here we’ve reviewed the best and most popular grocery delivery apps that have made a splash in 2021.


Instacart is one of the leading grocery delivery brands, focused on connecting at-home buyers with Instacart’s team of local shoppers who will receive and fulfil their orders at local supermarkets of their choice. Orders can be scheduled to arrive when ready or purchased for on-demand delivery. Instacart serves locations across North America, including all 50 states in specific cities or counties. Extra delivery fees are charged based on the amount ordered and higher during busy shopping times, and service fees of 5% may be charged on items. Instacart Express is available as a subscription for high-volume users who will receive unlimited delivery and reduced service fees. 


Shipt delivers from several major grocery chain stores such as Target, Publix, Meijer, Kroger, H-E-B, and more, and is available in over 260 cities. It relies on personal shoppers who pick up groceries and deliver them to your door. You can pay a $7 delivery fee or get a membership for $100 a year or $14 per month, as well as slightly increased prices compared to in-store prices. It offers same-day delivery in as little as an hour from ordering time. 

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon’s grocery options through its shopping app have grown significantly through its Amazon Fresh service and Whole Foods integration. With an Amazon Prime membership, customers can get Amazon Prime Now, a service that can deliver food and other household items ordered from Amazon in less than 2 hours. You can pay an additional fee for 1-hour delivery instead. Orders over $35 are free for members, below that there is a $5 delivery fee. 


Kroger supermarkets have seen their online sales grow 79% in 2021, making it one of the top 10 online sellers in the US. It offers same-day delivery from 2400 locations in the US, making it available to 97% of its customers. You can order any groceries from Kroger and connect your virtual Shopper’s Card for deals. Buying through the Kroger grocery delivery app helps you claim coupons and select repeat purchases, so you can get a more convenient shopping experience than in-person. 

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Rather than offering delivery service from other stores, Peapod is a fully online grocery store that offers its own products from its distribution centres. In addition to common groceries and national brands, it sells local specialities, meal kits, and more unique options. The app offers personalized savings and discounts based on optimal delivery days and times. It previously operated in the Midwest but now mainly focused on the East Coast for its delivery services. Peapod requires a $30 minimum order and takes a $10 delivery fee, with lower rates for high-volume orders. 


FreshDirect specializes in fresh vegetables and other food, which is ideal for a delivery service where you can’t pick out the highest-quality food yourself. It provides quality ratings and information about features like organic and local products. FreshDirect serves New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC metro regions, and nearby areas. You can choose delivery timeslots and get same-day delivery in certain areas. FreshDirect also offers FoodKick, a curated service that delivers unique daily offerings in under an hour. 


Walmart has stepped up its online and mobile app capabilities and grocery offerings recently. The Walmart Grocery website or mobile app lets customers order groceries from Walmart stores. You can designate a time for delivery or in-store pickup from your chosen Walmart location. It also offers a monthly or yearly subscription for free delivery. Due to Walmart’s presence all over the US, it’s likely to be available in most locations.


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