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Revamp your Restaurant Menu on food delivery apps to increase profitable sales

The new art of shrinking and squeezing the menu on food delivery apps to get maximum ROI is gaining a lot of attention. Apparently, there are menu engineers dedicated solely to revamping your menu in such ways so as to generate better sales profits. As per data, amidst the crisis pandemic has brought over the restaurant industry, 28% of restaurateurs are further shrinking their menus. Applebee’s, Taco Bell, and Subway are eliminating the unnecessary and slimming down their offerings. McDonald’s, being on the same page, took off many items of their all-day breakfast menu. 

Top ways to revamp your menu to increase sales-

Reread your menu!

Despite having read your menu a number of times, read again! Skim through the pages and identify items with a higher margin as compared to others.

An app-friendly menu-

There is a difference between a table menu and an online delivery menu. The regular table menus could survive being lengthy; however, it is not the same with delivery menus. They are meant to be kept crisp, focused on items that entice, and definitely not cluttered.

Placing food items-

For the sake of sales, do not indulge in only putting over-priced items on your menu. Play with the placement instead and arrange items in such a way that balances between low and high priced items, plus it grabs their attention as well.

Glad that you serve sundae!

Few items on the menu only solve one purpose, to let the customer feel happy for the fact there is variety. They would still not order the item you would like them to order, but they might end up spending more time on your menu given the availability.

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Pictures speak for themselves!

A delicious looking item would leave your customer drooling and craving. Perhaps they only wanted lunch, but having seen a photo of chocolate brownie with sizzling sauce spread over it would surely make the customer make for some extra room.

Tell them more about your food-

Besides pictures, a brief description of food items is the cherry on the cake. It makes a restaurant appear confident and honest with their offerings. Do not exaggerate, though!


For instance, a customer is in a rush and has less time to decide on what to order. We recommend keeping an option of recommendation that would allow the customer to take a fast pick. He would thank you later!

Offers & Deals-

Nothing comes for free, and we do not encourage you to give out any goodies. However, calculate your investment on each item, make a combo of them together, put a price, ensuring profit margin, and display on the menu. Offerings are a great way to make your customer excited as well as pleased with the option provided to save money.

Have an analysis done-

It is quite crucial to learn the market, see what your competitors are selling at. While overpricing is an issue, keeping the price extremely low as opposed to your counterparts does not qualify as good business. If someone is selling at a very high rate, consider keeping the price for the specific item slightly lower to stay competitive. 


There is tough competition out there, and the pandemic has made things unapologetically difficult too. Even in tough times like these, a few who choose to remain flexible could turn these times in their favour. The need of the hour is such that restaurants are more or less required to revamp their old strategies with no dine-in option. A revamped menu is a good start to attract more customers on food delivery apps where the options are in abundance.

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