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The new way to Transact: E-Wallet loyalty points and rewards on app purchases

Many companies venturing into the e-commerce industry allow customers to make purchases using several payment gateways, such as e-wallets, mobile phone money transfers, and the standard payment methods of making payments using credit or debit cards. With the help of e-wallets, it is becoming easier for customers to make payments. Additionally, customers can earn reward points through the loyalty program offered by the e-wallet service provider. Suppose you are looking to expand your company and venture into the e-commerce industry. In that case, you should look for a suitable e-wallet service provider who would allow customers to make payments using their gateways. Some of the benefits of using e-wallets are as follows:

Convenient for the customer

Mobile wallets or e-wallets make it easy for the customer to make purchases. The primary objective of an e-wallet is that customers do not need to carry a physical card anymore. Additionally, like a physical credit card, your customers can get the option of earning reward points through the transactions made using the mobile wallet. These reward points will also be stored within the mobile wallet. When the customer wishes to redeem the points, he can do so directly through the e-wallet’s reward redeeming facility. Sometimes these rewards can be converted to vouchers, which can be used to make further purchases using a mobile wallet. Thus, with the help of a mobile wallet, it becomes easy for the customer to make purchases, earn loyalty points, and even redeem the points. 

Quick checkout

The objective of an e-wallet is to simplify the process of making payments. Customers can easily make payments using mobile wallets. Customers do not have to worry about such factors like providing the account number, or credit card number, CVV number, or OTPs to make the transaction. In most cases, your customers can easily make the transactions with the help of the e-wallet as there is no such requirement of providing details, such as bank account numbers or credit card details. The only things that a customer might need to provide are authentication details, such as an OTP, to secure the transaction. This simplicity of the payment process makes mobile wallets attractive amongst customers, who want to have hassle-free transactions.

Additionally, when it comes to redeeming the loyalty points, the process is equally simple. Customers can quickly redeem the points earned and get the rewards by authenticating themselves. Thus, quick checkout and ease with which the points can be redeemed are slowly increasing their popularity.

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Efficiency for all e-commerce portals

Not just while making purchases, customers prefer using mobile wallets even while ordering food online. If you are thinking of food delivery app development, you need to add e-wallet payment options. This will increase the efficiency not only during placing of the order but also while checking out. If the speed of the entire process is increased, the possibility of engaging customers will also increase. Customers will prefer using your portal to place orders and help you stay ahead of the competition. You can also build a loyal customer base, which will help you to develop your brand value.

Thus, e-wallets are essential to retain customers and ensure that they are satisfied with your service. Increasing the overall efficiency in which payments are made online, earning loyalty points, and easy process for redeeming the points are all features of mobile wallets that make these particular payment gateways a favourite amongst customers. Additionally, it can also help improve your position in the e-commerce industry by providing customers with easy and improved methods of making payments, thereby improving your online portal’s overall efficiency.


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