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Extra tips! Reward Delivery drivers on your Food delivery app

Cash happens to be the king when you tend to tip food delivery workers. Tipping serves to be a staple in the restaurant business all across the world. As food deliverers keep exerting themselves out in the open, restaurants can look forward to including a proper tipping policy to allow them to earn some profits on the go.

Restaurants using food delivery apps can leverage the given medium to tip or reward delivery drivers –through their business model, to maximize the overall returns while keeping the food delivery workers content.

Recently, DoorDash –a leading food delivery app chain in the United States of America, made an announcement to change its overall tipping policy. In its all-new tipping policy, the leading food delivery app aims at passing 100 per cent of the total tips received onto the respective workers in comparison to its previous policy of paying the workers some flat rate for delivery. 

Tony Xu –CEO of DoorDash, explains that earlier they were not striking the proper balance. They thought that they were doing the right thing by making the food delivery platform a place wherein customers left no tip. The thing that was missing was that some customers who were actually giving the tip felt that their tip did not matter in the end.

This is the reason why the food delivery app went forward with changing its business model –especially with respect to the tipping model. The all-new tipping model by the company will make sure that the overall earnings of the brand will increase by the exact price a customer would tip every subsequent order.

Earlier, there was no way of determining how much exactly the company was shelling out for a specific job and how much of the given money comes from the tip offered by the customers.

How can Food Delivery Apps Integrate the Feature of Tipping Delivery Drivers?

Tipping has not been a feature of the leading food delivery apps out there. For instance, as per the official website of Uber Eats, tips are not expected. Customers who wish to include a tip in the respective orders or the payments can ensure the same with the help of the app during checkout or while rating the delivery person. At the same time, cash tips are also welcome. 

Moreover, the tips offered by the customers are not known to supplement the base pay of the drivers. Whatever the customers might tip, however they would tip, 100 per cent of the same is always known to give the drivers or the delivery partners of the app. They should get to earn every dollar in the given order.

Since leading apps across the world like DoorDash and Uber Eats have launched the concept of tipping on the respective portals, drivers, as well as delivery partners, have made as much as around $2 billion in the form of tips over the given earnings. 

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Other Food Delivery Apps Integrating the Concept of Tipping

There are other leading food delivery apps out there –like Seamless and Grubhub, that have gone forward with the concept of encouraging tipping. As a matter of fact, the ultimate guide to tipping by Grubhub states that around 20 per cent of the total cost serves to be a standard amount that should be given,

and customers should not offer tips less than $5. Moreover, the company adds that the customers can consider throwing in something extra for complicated delivery requirements or even bad weather. Most of the food delivery apps offer the assurance that when the customers would tip generously, the entire amount will go into the hands of the food delivery app delivery workers.

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