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How To Use Snapchat For Your eCommerce Business?

These days, social networks play a major role in promoting eCommerce business. Users that get product promotion details through the online merchants’ mobile app can easily share the product information to their friends through the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. and help augment online sales. The latest addition to these social networks is the Snapchat which is a mobile messaging app that lets the users to send and receive images, videos, and chat messages. Snapchat is unique in that the one-to-one messages are visible once and then disappear immediately. In addition, Snapchat allows users to post a snap to their “My Story” which is visible to their friends for 24 hours from the time it is posted. Yet another unique feature of Snapchat is its focus on creative content creation, having the camera as its home screen that offers encouragement to users to become broadcasters and not merely consumers of content.

It is worth examining a few ways that brands are using Snapchat for their eCommerce process.

Snapchat is being used by many brands fruitfully to run a Snapchat promotion. These brands often share special promotional codes to followers through visually engaging snaps. Also, they reward and engage their audience just for viewing the snaps. It is worth to note that Snapchat is a great platform to post back-to-back snaps, because people check their Snapchat an average of 14 times per day. Moreover, as snaps are time sensitive, it is an ideal way for branding & customer engagement, apart from generating time-sensitive promotions.

Features of Snapchat

One of the awesome features of Snapchat is that it is built to be entirely visual and quickly disposable, meaning whatever you, as an online merchant share is meant to be consumed and discarded. The optimum length of time that any piece of content that exists on Snapchat is 24 hours. Also, this platform offers eCommerce merchants plenty of opportunities to be creative about how they grow and interact with their customers.

Also, it can be fun for the audience to see behind your business operations. Maybe you’re an apparel designer and you want to share a snippet of the process that goes into making of your designer wares through Snapchat. Whatever be your process, it will be interesting and entice your customers to make a purchase or tempt them to share the snippet among their friends.

Another way Snapchat can be effectively used by eCommerce store owners is to run a competition and simultaneously drive their audience to other social media channels. At times, it can be an easy process to manage contest entries via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but Snapchat is an ideal way to kick off the contest, share updates, and share winners.

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Thus, Snapchat remains to be a great tool for eCommerce business process, especially when targeting the younger generation and its features certainly could lead to great success, without losing its focus on instant communication.

Statistics reveal the fact that Snapchat is a widely-used communication medium among younger demographics (with 60% of its user base being aged 13-24), but it has also started winning the trust of engaged users from all ages and their dedication is admirable, (with 54% of users checking the app daily).


Snapchat has been around since 2011, though it seems its popularity has enhanced significantly in the past two years. Snapchat is a social network that facilitates online businesses to send pictures, messages, and videos relating to their products/services. Once these items have been seen, they are erased. eCommerce businesses can send pictures and videos directly to their contacts, or they can add them to their story for everyone that follows them to view the Snapchat as many times as they would like within 24 hours. Nowadays, many brands are being benefitted by utilizing the Snapchat network, to attract their target audience and create brand awareness.

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