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8 Useful Tips For Marketing Your Mobile App

Developing an app includes conceptualizing, imagination, and a good amount of coding knowledge. But what several wannabe app developers don’t consider is the job that is done after the app is developed. After development, you can’t just assume your app to sell, and in such a competing market like this one, you are going to require creating a strong marketing campaign to put you above your competitors.

Press Kit

Come up with a high-quality and easily available press kit. Add eye-catching screenshots and app’s logo of different sizes, updates, press release highlighting the history of the app and news. Endeavor to make the press kit accessible on your site for bloggers and journalists to download it easily.

Organic Marketing

A further option includes organic marketing, but the most efficient techniques to rank well can vary with the various app stores. For instance, to get optimum exposure in Apple’s App Store, it can benefit to use the ad-driven links. To update the rankings in Google Play it helps to have a positive usage/download ratio. This is feasible to achieve using push information which is the type of benefits sent to users like discounts or extra lives in a game.

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When it comes to marketing a fresh app, raising awareness is an essential aspect to increase downloads. The production of app profiles on sites such as Appolicious and others like it is profitable to do. With these profiles, you can combine a description of your app along with a link to the App or Google Play store that enables the user to download it. This is a simple and straightforward way to increase the awareness to your desired target audience.

Use Review Platforms

The people that are attempting to make a purchase resolution about a product rely on product review more than anything. By linking your devotion to review sites, you will not only attract users but also establish a good image for the app. Great companies like Microsoft and Adobe have formed an online community where application users share information, seek information and forward complaints.

Set Up Google Alerts

Setting up Google alerts can be advantageous to track what people are responding about your product. This beats hitting each individual site separately to recognize if there is a new review of your app. These alerts can also help you investigate the app industry or competitors. Instead of doing extensive research across several sites to keep tabs on your competitors, you can simply set up an alert to advise you when any relevant news surfaces about your research query. All this information is easily emailed to you with the latest related Google results (web, news, etc… ) based on your queries.

Invest in Massive Launch Campaign

Ensure that you alert as many potential users of the product as feasible when propelling the application. A big launch will include the power of social media. All your social networks reaching from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog site and Instagram should have enough information about the launch. A smart idea would be to run advertisements and contests related to the application.

Use Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a program where bloggers write content to be published on other blogs. The approach is an effective way of increasing traffic and grab potential users. You can post items of your application in various sites by going to blogs that deal with technology. Guest blogging allows an excellent opportunity to establish and expose your site to a new audience. To adequately participate in guest blogging, look for bloggers with an active massive following.

App Discounts

Lastly, individuals like to get items for free or for a discount. By providing discounts on special days related to your application is a good way to get your followers engaged and excited. The key is to be creative. For example, if you have a zombie based mobile app game, a good time to provide a promotional offer would be in October – around Halloween time.

Release First Features

Before launching the application, look for early adaptors to grab investors’ attention. It will secure you a stable user base. Build a dynamic website filled with descriptions about the application. The site should contain banners and tutorials on how to use the application. Also, it should have the relevant links. By exploiting the power of websites, you will get the application in front of potential users. Bloggers and media practitioners interested in the application will get first-hand details from apps site.

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