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5 Tips To Win Back Your Lost Mobile Customers

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Losing an existing customer to your competitors is bad for business. Existing customers are very substantial to your business since they are a source of easy to close referrals and retaining them is cheaper than acquiring new customers. A lost customer can have a ripple effect that can lead to reduced sales, but not to worry, here are five tips that will help you win back your lost mobile customers.

Find out why the business was lost

Find out exactly why the customers left by asking probing questions by talking directly to the customers or whoever was working with them.

Contact lost customers

You can call or meet individual customers and stress the fact that they have been missed. Understand why the left and what can be done to retain them.

Take responsibility

Admit any mistakes and take responsibility for your company’s action. Admit any mistakes and apologize accordingly for everything that resulted in the loss of a customer in the first place.

Claw your way back

Give them information about anything new of different that you didn’t provide them with before. Remind them why it’s important to do business with you again. Assure them things will be different in the future.

Adjust your offer

Create a more profitable offer for your mobile customers by staying current with pricing and level of services. Understand that they are trying to save money by reducing costs.

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