Case Study

Creating a Restaurant Delivery App for Pearl of the Orient in the Time of the Pandemic


Pearl of the Orient is an Asian-themed restaurant in the British Virgin Islands. They needed an online ordering and delivery solution that supported their wide-ranging menu with different types of cuisine. We stepped in and rapidly provided an accessible and comprehensive app with some unique features. Ultimately, we implemented a navigation-friendly, searchable mobile food ordering app that is easy for customers to adopt and order from immediately.



Creating a Vibrant Digital Restaurant Platform

Pearl of the Orient reached out to Elite mCommerce about developing a restaurant ordering and delivery solution for their business, which would be the first app of its kind in the British Virgin Islands. As a seller of sushi rolls and Asian foods, they had a wide-ranging menu but limited online ordering capabilities. They wanted an accessible and comprehensive app that let eaters pick exactly what they want to order.

Their goal was to partner with a developer who could offer them a simple food ordering and delivery solution, and the pandemic made their app a high priority. We proposed our $99/month Elite Grove plan which could offer all the ordering features they needed. During these first steps, we made sure that we evaluated the goals of the client accurately so we could determine what features would fit best into their business model. 

  • They wanted to offer streamlined delivery at their customer’s preference, including letting customers choose when to receive deliveries and be notified when they would arrive. Delivery destinations needed to fit the address format of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Food items needed to be displayed clearly and attractively on the app. Being able to find the right meal easily lets them have a larger menu and cater to a wider audience, and the variety of offerings from Pearl of the Orient’s menu made it a challenge to present it without confusing or overwhelming users. 
  • The app needed an easy signup process so they could order food right away, rather than getting discouraged by the need to create an account for their app. 
  • It required support for direct communication with customers in the event that they had questions about orders or needed to inform them of any issues related to their food.


We worked closely with the client to build a functional and attractive app that included additional features that met these requirements.

Delivery Time

We added scheduled delivery slots with dates and times to the app, so customers could schedule delivery for when they want their food and when they are available. Customers can view within the app when their order is expected to arrive.

Display and Search

Our design for the app focused on navigation and search. Customers can search keywords or apply filters to different categories and types of food, and narrow their search results. The app also supported voice-based search. Scannable QR codes can also bring up items in the app.

Each product detail page uses deep linking to a specific URL, so links on the store’s website and social media will lead users to try the app or open it if it’s already installed.


We implemented two-way Zopim chat within the app so that the restaurant staff can communicate with customers about their orders. This can be used to answer questions before customers make orders or provide feedback about the status of food that’s being delivered. 



Logging into the app is necessary, but it can be a challenge to make it as frictionless as possible. To achieve this, we implemented a social login process where customers can use their social media accounts as login credentials. This saves time and accelerates adoption of the app. 

Implementing social media integration also led to us enabling social sharing online. This lets users share deals and other pages on social media to further promote the app organically.


The product launch went as planned once EMC received feedback and approval from the client. The launch went well on the date that we committed to, and with preparation from the restaurant, customers were soon able to order for pickup and delivery online from Pearl of the Orient’s menu.

We communicated with the client about the launch to ensure there were no issues with the performance of the app. In order to let customers enter their addresses accurately, we implemented address form customization post-launch to improve the ability of Pearl of the Orient’s delivery staff to reach them quickly with their orders.

Overall, client satisfaction was high and the Pearl of the Orient app has become a highly-rated app in the British Virgin Islands. The business owner was pleased that we were able to deliver an app quickly when they needed it during the time of the pandemic. He told EMC he was extremely satisfied as now he is able to showcase his products and people are able to get delicious food at their doorstep.


Key Takeaways

Elite mCommerce prides itself on the ability to provide a mobile app solution quickly at a time when restaurants and other businesses need online functionality. In this case, the client recognized our ability to provide the app in an organized and timely manner.

Developing the Pearl of the Orient app made Elite mCommerce recognize the importance of user experience when it comes to entering and browsing a food ordering app. Customers may be turned away if they have to wait too long to get started, especially when ordering food. We prioritized social media features to make customers more comfortable. Social login reduces friction when installing the app, while sharing and deep linking lets the restaurant’s social media share links to hot menu items or deals. Ultimately we are very proud of the Pearl of the Orient app and look forward to producing apps for restaurant pickup and delivery worldwide that help restaurants in the same way.


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