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Reviews & Reputation Management for your eCommerce business

Unsatisfied customers are inevitable for all types of online businesses. Some complaints can be settled by resolving their issues over phones and emails. However, there are times when things get so complicated that customers end up leaving a horrible review. The digital way of word-of-mouth marketing seems trustworthy and reliable to customers. It is easier for your customers to share their genuine opinions about your brand with your prospects. 

So, if you want more and more people to purchase from your store, you will need to implement a quality and effective reputation management strategy. Negative reviews can have a major impact on your business’ success. A couple of negative reviews are enough for your customers to abandon your website and search for a similar yet better eCommerce store. That’s how powerful a bunch of reviews are. Not every unsatisfied customer leaves a negative review i.e. as long as their complaints and issues are resolved quickly. So, communication is the key to a better service here. 

Here we’re going to share some important review and reputation management strategies for all sizes of online businesses.

Be Active on Social Media

To garner the attention of your target audience, you need to create a business account on multiple social networking sites and maintain them. Be active on social media and respond to your customers’ feedback. Social media facilitates a smoother interaction between brands and customers. In fact, social media is the first place your customers turn to when they want to send feedback. 

Keep posting relevant and engaging content on your social accounts. Your posts must be interesting enough to keep your audience’s engagement with your brand. It is a great way to boost customer engagement, interact with your potential customers, and understand their requirements. 

Grow Your Brand’s Visibility

If you want Google reviews, then a strong online presence is a must. There is a good chance you must have an active eCommerce website. But, if you haven’t created a website yet, it is high time you hired a professional and experienced website development company

You need to optimize your website for search engine ranking. Rank your product for the keywords that your audience is likely to type in the search bar when searching for your products. Keep posting and updating content on your website to secure a good rank in the search engine. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more people will find your brand and purchase from your store. 

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Respond to Reviews

Nothing seems a better way to build your reputation than allowing your happy and satisfied customers to do it for you. A happy customer is highly likely to leave a positive review on your website, social media, and Google+. Imagine the number of your prospects reading these business reviews and buying from your store. Well, a positive review can convince people to take action. 

Do you know 86% of online shoppers go over the online reviews before shopping from a website? That’s their way of identifying the reputation of a particular brand. Their buying decision is based on these reviews. 

Blog Frequently

Blogging is an easy way to appear as an authority figure in your niche. You could also use it as a source to answer the most common questions asked by your customers. Viewers will love to subscribe to your blog and read all the new posts to get answers to their questions. 

Blog frequently. You need to post at least 2 blogs a week. This will grow your following and get more people to take action on your website.

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