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11 Highly-Rated and Recommended Grocery Shopping List Apps

Going digital with your shopping lists prevents you from forgetting your grocery list at home and can help you organize it better. But a default notes app may not be the best way to do it. Finding an app that’s ideal for creating a grocery shopping list can save you time, help you track your nutrition and spending better, and streamline your shopping experience. Here are some apps that work great for making grocery lists easily whether you’re shopping in-person or using a grocery delivery app


Yummly is perfect for grocery shopping because it ties shopping lists to your ingredients and suggests recipes for what you can make with what you have. If there’s anything you need, you can add it to your list automatically. It recommends recipes that are personalized to your tastes, making your grocery shopping exciting as it takes you to try new things and experiment with your cooking. 

Try it for iOS or Android.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh’s online grocery shopping experience comes with a choice of a variety of products you can add to your list, including from Whole Foods, so the grocery delivery app can ship directly to your door. You can choose items from Amazon’s online store or use voice-activated Alexa devices to tell the digital assistant to add certain items to your list when you realize you need them so you won’t lose track when ordering later.

Try it for iOS or Android.

Shopping List (Grocery List)

Shopping List comes highly recommended by App Store users. You can organize your shopping list by department so you can see what to buy in each category. It also saves your information for next time so you can modify an existing shopping list instead of starting from scratch each time. 

Try it for iOS or Android.


Mealime is a combination of meal-planning, recipe, and grocery list app. It gives you step-by-step instructions that make it easy to cook meals quickly. When you find a recipe you like based on its flavour, style, or nutritional value, you can instantly add all of its ingredients to your grocery shopping list. 

Try it for iOS or Android.


AnyList is a top-rated list-making app that has several great features: it organizes items into clear categories, and it autocompletes suggestions to save you time in writing out a list on your phone. You can also share lists by email and they will stay updated as you change them. 

Try it for iOS or Android.


Make-A-List can be used for making any kind of shopping list or to-do list. You can sort your lists and mark items as complete or incomplete. Items can be added by voice-to-text, you can print any list directly from your device, and you can use your notes and lists to give yourself reminders for later. 

Try it for Android.


Bring! is designed to make grocery and other shopping lists easy, especially for people who want to share their lists among their household members. You can add items to a list when someone else is going shopping, and notify them that the list has changed. Lists can also be managed with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant by voice. 

Try it for iOS or Android.


This app is great for making a checklist of groceries to know whether you need them. You can record what you have in stock at home in advance and check off what you need so you never buy what you already have and can quickly get items you are running low on. 

Try it for iOS or Android.

Our Groceries

Another highly-rated app among users, Our Groceries can synchronize grocery lists between devices and supports Apple Watches. You can sort items into different categories so you can make sure to buy everything that’s offered in a certain aisle or store department instead of going back and forth. 

Try it for iOS or Android

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Out of Milk

Out of Milk lets, you make multiple shopping lists and most importantly helps you track what you are running out of with its Pantry List. You can see what essential items you need to buy more of and never have to worry about forgetting something. Nielsen named it one of the Top 10 Most-Used Shopping Apps. 

Try it for iOS or Android.

Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal is an app focused on serving coupons to local grocery stores as you make your shopping lists. You can make multiple shopping lists for different purposes, compare prices, and track items that are on sale. While not for everyone, if you want to take advantage of coupons based on grocery store circulars and your local store is supported, try Grocery Pal. Try it for iOS or Android.


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