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Employees expect Contactless corporate dining with Food ordering apps

When it comes to serving food to corporate officials, it has become essential to ensure that it is done in a contactless manner. This is important for the health of the client as well as the individuals serving the food. Right from the food packaging to delivering the items, the entire process must be carried out following a ‘contactless’ protocol. Most food delivery apps provide customers with a detailed description of how food is packed and delivered in a contactless manner. If you plan to develop a food delivery app, you must assure your clients that the food will be delivered adhering to the norms of contactless delivery. Some of your clients’ features will expect from your food delivery app concerning contactless delivery are as follows:

Make the ordering and payment process more straightforward.

While placing an order, your clients would prefer to check the menu on your food delivery app, select the items that they would like to have, and complete the payment online. Hence, you must have sufficient information about the food items that you can deliver is available on the app itself. You can put up attractive images of the food items to make it easier for your clients to select the items. Finally, you must have multiple payment gateways for your clients to complete the transaction. Not just paying for the selected items with the help of a credit or a debit card, you should have facilities like online money transfer and e-wallet payments. Multiple gateways make it easier for clients to complete the transaction in an entirely contactless manner. 

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Assure clients that the food will be delivered in an entirely contactless manner

On your food delivery app, adequate information should be available to be delivered in a completely contactless manner. This is important to gain the trust of your clients and for the following reasons:

  • When it comes to corporate bookings, you can expect bulk orders from your clients. Hence, you must ensure that you do not miss out on these clients. 
  • The easiest way to do so is to gain the trust of the clients. To gain their trust, you can put up images of how food is packed and delivered. 
  • You can also mention that the food will be kept at a convenient place for the client, such as on a tray near the reception area of their office. This will also be convenient for your client to collect food. Thus, the entire manner in which food will be delivered will be completely contactless. 
  • This is important because if you cannot convince your clients that your food delivery app’s personnel is following contactless food delivery norms, you will stop receiving orders. 

Therefore, you need to convince your clients that right from the packaging of the food items to delivering the products, strict norms regarding contactless delivery are followed.

Contactless food delivery can seem a challenging prospect, but it can be simplified. You start by ensuring that payment is made in a contactless manner. Providing clients with numerous payment methods is one of the easiest ways of assuring your clients that your food delivery mobile app follows the contactless process for delivering food items. Most clients are concerned about how they will pay for the food ordered and how these are going to be delivered adhering to the contactless delivery norms. If you can convince your clients that your online food delivery app follows the protocols right from receiving the payment to delivering the food items, you are bound to receive orders from corporate clients and homes.


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