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Healthy Food on the Menu! Food delivery app order trends 2020

As people are staying at home during the pandemic, it also implies eating a lot from home. A recent study commissioned by Uber Eats revealed that as the coronavirus pandemic is surging, we are moving more towards the situation of online takeout and deliveries when it comes to ordering food online. A recent survey with a leading food research firm inquired around 400 restaurants across the USA & Canada. All the restaurants were part of UberEats. It was observed that 75 per cent of the given restaurants witnessed sales with respect to the delivery apps go upwards during the lockdown period.

The online food delivery app industry has served to be quite profitable for many out there during the pandemic. For many individuals out there who entered the panic-buying stage are now flipping out at the sight of vacant shelves at the supermarkets. Moreover, most of the buyers out there are simply swaying from the concept of going forth with the in-store experience. This is the reason why most buyers have considered switching to mobile food order and delivery applications –right from buying lunch to other meals of the day.

Restaurant Menu Changes During the Pandemic

Menus in the leading restaurants nowadays might not appear the same as they did before the advent of the novel coronavirus. Still, the leading chefs around the world have not allowed the virus to get into the way of their delicious meals. In the modern unprecedented times, restaurants and cafes all around the world have brought about significant changes in the respective menus –keeping the overall health, hygiene, and safety in mind.

Here are some of the latest trends to look out for:

  1. Limited Menus –As restaurants keep re-opening, most of them might not have access to ample resources as well as labour for offering the usual menus. For instance, even McDonald’s has scaled down its impressive menu.
  2. Simplified Preparations –While most restaurants are reducing menus, around 61 per cent of them aim at offering the same menu while simplifying the overall preparation process. They are achieving the same by speed-scratching and serving heat-and-serve ingredients or dishes.
  3. Value Meals –As per 66 per cent of the diners out there, value serves to be a major factor when making the decision to eat outside. Restaurants are leveraging the given potential by providing value family combo meals at lucrative prices.
  4. Meals for a Cause: Restaurants are offering more than just-food. While restaurants are no longer able to return as grounds for common gatherings, they are still serving as community cornerstones by providing support to some important causes. Restaurants that aim at modifying the respective menus for supporting charities or some noble cause are going to win the hearts of the diners.
  5. Healthy Food on the Menu: Restaurants have made it a point to promote health, hygiene, and safety throughout the pandemic. Thus, they have re-designed the menus to deliver healthy items that are centred at boosting the overall immunity of the diners. Some of these might include increased quantities of fresh juices, salads, healthy snacks, and so more. 

The Transforming Sector of the Food Delivery App Industry Amid the Pandemic

While the mobile delivery apps did go through a period of a continuous slump during the pandemic, they are back on the rise now. Soon, the mobile food order and delivery app developers realized that online delivery of groceries and food items could turn out to be a helpful medium for the end-users out there –across the globe.

Some of the important pointers why mobile-based food order and delivery app services are more meaningful during COVID-19 are:

  • Food delivery apps help in keeping the economy alive
  • Promoting the concept of remote workers
  • Mitigating food businesses from shutting down
  • Online food order & delivery promoting social distancing
  • Helping employees
  • Delivering both food & groceries

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Food Delivery Apps Keeping the Economy Alive

The world is in the period of an upcoming recession. As such, modern food order and delivery apps are serving to be major economy boosters. Instead of going out to the market, people are preferring to sit back at home and get access to items by ordering foods and groceries online. It becomes easier to order online with the help of mobile food order & delivery applications. As such, social distancing is maintained and you get access to a wide range of choices. 

Mitigating Food Businesses from Shutting Down

The food industry serves to be a major global marketplace. The lockdown that was imposed during the pandemic has aimed at refraining businesses in the given industry from ensuring unprecedented growth. The overall fear of becoming infected serves to be another major issue that has forced people to consider shutting down their businesses. 

The overall GDP decline is quite evident amid the lockdown. With the rising instances of people ordering food online, the given app industry has prevented many food businesses from shutting down completely.

Restaurant-based Mobile Apps –a Huge Lifesaver

With the overall power of digitization, local restaurants have created their own websites or social media pages. Moreover, they have also registered with multiple online food order and delivery apps to provide 24/7 access to food services to the general public. 

Restaurant delivery app development is the all-new trend in the field of mobile food order & delivery applications that aim at helping people who might be away from families to go forward with a regular, healthy diet. At the same time, it also allows restaurants to keep their businesses afloat during such times. 

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