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Restrict your Restaurant Menu

Restrict your Restaurant Menu on Third-party Food delivery apps

One of the best methods of expanding your restaurant business is to offer a door-to-door delivery service. You can opt for a third party delivery food delivery service, initially, to evaluate the customer response. In other words, you could tie up with an aggregator model for food delivery, before you launch your mobile food delivery app. This will give you an idea as to the items that you should keep on the menu for delivery and also the delivery process. The importance of restricting the list when it comes to delivery lies in the fact that all food items are not suitable. For example, frozen items often melt and cannot be provided.

Similarly, fried foods are best eaten hot and, when delivered over long distances, become soggy and inedible. So, if you are planning to provide such items, you must think about packing these food items differently so that they do not lose their textures and retain their taste. Thus, restricting the menu on third party food apps is essential when evaluating the market before launching your food delivery app. Some of the other factors that you should consider while designing the menu for the food delivery app for your restaurant are as follows:

Pricing of the food items

When you are using the aggregator apps, remember these will be charging fifteen to twenty per cent of each of the delivery made. Thus, you will have to factor this price on the menu that you provide in the aggregator app. However, the pricing difference should not be so high that it reflects on the app that you develop separately for your restaurant. You must carefully evaluate the price of the individual dishes on the menu that you provide in the aggregator apps and the app that you have developed for your restaurant. When you evaluate the price, ensure that the food’s cost is close enough without compromising the profit margin. This will help retain customer confidence and customer loyalty.

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Selecting the menu

When you develop your restaurant delivery app, you must consider the food items that you have already provided in the third-party apps. Hence, it would help if you didn’t offer an extensive menu in the aggregator apps. Create a distinctive menu in the third-party apps keeping certain exclusive items for the app that you develop for your restaurant. This will keep your customers interested in the items that your restaurant has to offer. Moreover, a distinctive menu will also induce your customers to order more from the food delivery app of your restaurant rather than the third party application. Thus, developing an exclusive menu is essential if you want to keep your customers interested.

Increasing earnings

When you use a third party to deliver the food, you will naturally have to look at reduced profitability. As the third party provides a service, you are expected to pay a part of your earnings for the service. However, if you develop your food delivery application, your restaurant’s profits will increase as there is no need to share it with a third party. Thus, in the long run, it can prove to be beneficial for your restaurant. But you need to be careful while developing pricing for the aggregator app.

Therefore, when you develop your food delivery application, you must consider a trial run with the help of a third-party application. Once that comes through as a success, you can develop your application exclusive for your restaurant. The only thing that you must remember is to create the menu and pricing for the aggregator application carefully.


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