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How To Engage More Customers Through Mobile Commerce App Platforms

Integrating mobile commerce into your business is essential in today’s market. There are more mobile devices in the world than people. Therefore, a huge percentage of your available market is a part of the mobile market. The first step is integrating mobile commerce, the next is mobile customer engagement.

What Methods Can I Utilize to Retain Customers?

In order to promote customer loyalty, you must award your customer for choosing you instead of the many competitors that are available to them. For example, if you sell a generic product, there must be a reason why a customer chooses you instead of your competition. You can create this differentiation easily through a better mobile commerce platform and different options you allow through the platform.

Incorporating a Referal Program

This is a great method to create a viral business. Many companies like Uber and Lyft have created million to billion dollar corporations through their referral program. You accomplish this by giving your customer a reward for every customer they bring to you. For example, if someone refers a family friend and this friend buys $30 worth of product, the original customer gets 25% off their next purchase.

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Loyalty Programs

If marketing is not your current aim, incorporate a loyalty program. These programs are aimed towards retention. Perhaps you have a product that is normally a “one and done” product. If you incorporate incentives for your customers to purchase more, they are more likely to do so. These programs are common for places like Starbucks, if you buy a certain dollar amount of coffee, you get one free.

Walk-in Rewards

If you maintain real estate for your company, consider opting for walk-in rewards. This type of interaction can garner more revenue than the previous options because your customer will be forced to view your inventory. If they like your products already, they are more likely to spend money on the products within your store.

Social Engagement

If your company has a large social media presence, consider this option. Upon every purchase, inquire about sharing the purchase on social media for a reward. This will lead future customers to your page and thus, more possibilities of gaining customers.

Elite mCommerce, one service that stood out in it’s ability to deliver these options also supports Magento and Prestashop, the two largest eCommerce platforms. Not only can EMC tailor your needs, it also supports in development of mobile app for Magento and PrestaShop for iOS and android. Choosing the correct mobile commerce platform is essential to creating the highest amounts of revenue. Be sure to thoroughly research every possibility before you trust a service with a huge portion of the available market.

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