Mobile app development services in-house Vs outsourced – Which is more advantageous?

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Mobile app development services in-house Vs outsourced – Which is more advantageous?


There is a lot of talk about personalized mobile apps for businesses.  Noticeably, plenty of dedicated mobile apps are churned out for the comfort of the consumers. Furthermore, with the soaring competition levels, every business aims for the best of mobile app to differentiate from the others. Given such a scenario, a prevalent question on surface is the mode of development of next-gen mobile apps with intuitive capabilities. Mobile app development services in-house vs. deploying a third-party mobile development specialist, which one of the two is the best? It is a tough choice! Yet it is high time to analyze both the possibilities and comprehend the pros and cons.

Based on a survey, nearly 95% of top-notch technological companies have begun to adopt enterprise mobility seriously. Therefore, to thrive in the new age market as a business owner be prepared. Allocate the infrastructure, budget and time which go into the development of a dedicated mobile app.

Why should you be developing your mobile app in-house?

Your industry knowledge vs. time consumed to familiarize

Your internal mobile app development team will have a sound knowledge of all aspects of your business. Clearly, their knowledge will include technology, target audience, key requirements, your actual need to develop a mobile app and so on. In a nutshell, your in-house team is equipped with incomparable business knowledge which is a definite feed to develop a personalized mobile app.

Conversely, an external team does have the expertise. However, they may consume some time to get acquainted to your demands and understand your way of business.

Quicker communication vs. longer cycles

Keep your communication seamless. Allow your team to reach out to you at a snap for clarifications and approvals. Brainstorm simply over a cup of tea, which is not feasible with a deployed external agency. Hence, this protocol will cost some of your precious time.

Flexibility vs. rigid working styles

You could go for countless revisions when it comes to your internal team till you are satisfied with the end product. When it comes to an external agency, factors such as the project scope, fixed revision cycles and budget need to be considered. This will restrict your development scope.

Advantages of deploying a mobile development company:

Inclined expertise vs. blended proficiency

A company that offers mobile app development services; houses experts. Further, their experience come with competent technical knowledge which will help crack any kind of technical hiccup. 

Though you may have an expert pool of in-house developers, it will be a blend of knowledge from different technical and industrial facets.

Cost effectiveness and talent:

Mobile app development services involves a sizeable amount of cost which goes into hiring talents and infrastructure. Forming a dedicated team for developing a single mobile app may not be advisable. On the other hand, if you aim to build a couple of apps to support your business, building an in-house team would be a better option.

On the whole, though in-house mobile app development and outsourcing have their own aspects to be evaluated, it is ultimately the business owner’s choice while taking into account the size, budget and talent the organization owns.


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