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Why Magento Mobile App?

While there are many eCommerce platforms available in the market, Magento offers many features that can help you manage your eCommerce site and grow your business. The Elite mCommerce Magento mobile app module allows website owners to change themes, layouts and images without updating their Elite mCommerce Magento iOS app or Android app in the store. The Elite mCommerce Magento app module helps connect your Magento website to mobile application, syncs with your existing inventory in real time and connects customer information (shopping cart, wish list, orders, profiles) with your main site.

There are also advanced customer-centric features in the Elite mCommerce Magento app module like chat integration, deep linking and enhanced checkout features. These features are designed to enhance the user experience and improve conversions. When used correctly, you can bring users back to your app and create more loyal customers. This CMS to mobile app platform is more than simple mobile app for Magento. Here’s why.

  • Unparalleled Flexibility for Evolving and Growing Sites
  • Engagement Tools Designed to Increase Sales
  • Advanced Features that Improve User Experience and Conversions

Unlimited Themes – Change anytime

Multiple Theme Options

Choose a layout for your application from the ‘n’ number of layouts we have. Choose the right spot at your home page to place your offers or show the recently added products at the top of the home page – you have full control on your application home page. That is not all, you can build your own layout, customize it and roll it out without much effort.

Elite mCommerce | Features

Give Your App Rich Colors

Make your applications look cool. Choose rich colors or sometimes subtle ones according to the concept of your store or business. Change the color scheme often just to let your customers have a different experience every time they open the application. You can do this without resubmitting your application every time you change the color.

Elite mCommerce | Features

Add Your Own Logo

We build the applications but they belong to you. The applications are completely white labeled. Change logos real-time whenever you want and to whatever you want. You do not have to re-submit your applications.

Elite mCommerce | Features

Manage Your Banners

Have an offer for a set of products or categories and you want your customers to view them immediately when they open the application. Just add a fancy banner to the homepage and link it to the products or categories. Yes, you do not have to re-submit the applications.

Elite mCommerce | Features

Easy Integration

Real-Time Synchronization

The user account information, catalog, cart, orders, and wish list are synchronized with both web and mobile app. The user can login with the same credentials for both web and mobile app. This all happens real-time.

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Supports Large Inventory

The application is quick and supports the large volume of products. Elite mCommerce uses an innovative approach for the implementation of fast loading technology. This ensures instant loading and functioning of applications. The application automatically syncs with the database real-time.

Mobile app for magento

Supports Popular eCommerce

Identical feel, similar to your eCommerce store. By using Elite mCommerce plugin you can merge your store CMS pages with your mobile application. It will help your customers to view all the pages of your store in your mobile app. We support Prestashop & Magento as of now and we have many more eCommerce platforms in our road map.

Magento mobile application

Customer Engagement

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications can engage your users when your app is not in an active state. Create personalized notification for each set of customers. Using Elite mCommerce you can send push notifications to your customers about new offers, orders, and arrival of new products. Managing the content of push messages should be very simple by using our plugin. For ease of use, we have incorporated the push message management system into our plugin.

Prestashop mobile app

Reward/ Loyalty Points

Reward/Loyalty point is one of most powerful solutions to increase the customer loyalty and sales. This feature allows you to reward your customers for any purchase and any other actions they do in your store like social sharing, social like and referral programs. These points can be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits in your store.

Prestashop ios app

QR Code Scanner

QR codes make it much faster for your potential customers to purchase through their phone, and faster purchasing ability mean a higher potential to close the sale. When merchants or customers scan a QR code with Elite mCommerce, it automatically redirects to the corresponding product information.

Prestashop app

Social Share & Social Login

Use the power of social media for the ease of your customers and also market your products to your customers’ social connections. Your customers can log in to the application using their social media profiles. They can share their favorite products on their social media profiles. This enables increased traffic to your application.

Magento native app

Mobile Login

This feature provides you a more secure login where you will get into the application after One Time Password (OTP) verification. The main advantage of the OTP login in contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to relay attacks.

App For Magento

Flexible Payment options

Compatible Payment gateways

You may be using any payment gateway and you do not have to change it for us. We support a large array of popular payment gateways like PayPal, PayU, CCAvenue, Citrus, Bank Wire, Authorize.Net, First Data, Iyzico, Banca Sella, Quickpay.net etc.

Magento Android app

Additional Fee for COD Payment

Flexibility matters when it comes to getting payments for your special services and getting payments from customers for the same. Elite mCommerce provides options to charge your customers extra for Cash on Delivery orders. You can choose how much every customer should pay extra and you can change it anytime.

Magento mobile app extension

Secured Payment

We follow high-security standards to make your transactions secure. All your transactions are encrypted. The applications are robust to support any type of payments made by the customers.

Magento mobile app development

We support Your Payment Method

Your country may support a different payment gateway that is widely trusted by your customers. You might feel the same gateway be implemented to your mobile application too. Worry not. We support all payment gateways. You just need to implement the gateway on your site and leave the rest to us.

Android App for prestashop

Best Checkout Experience

Discount Coupons

Create discount coupons, generate coupon codes and distribute it to your valued customers. Your customers can use them to avail discounts on your website. Now they can use it in mobile application without any fuss. Availing discount through coupons in the mobile application is as easy as typing the code, click apply and that’s it.

PrestaShop Mobile Application

Delivery Timeslot

Is your business all about delivering to your customers at the time they want the item to be delivered? Elite mCommerce gives the option to select the delivery time and date while your customer places the order. You can manage the time slots that you can deliver from the back-end.

Mobile app for PrestaShop

Gift Wrapping Option

When your customers order the items you sell for others, they may want the item delivery to be special. How about you extend your service to gift wrap the items you deliver?

Using Elite mCommerce, your customers get the option to select gift wrapping their item, the additional cost will be added to the net cost and you have the option to manage the additional cost for gift wrapping.

Magento to app

Comments On Order

Just letting the customers go through pre-defined steps to complete their order may sometimes lack a personal touch. Let customers provide a comment on the order they make. The comment may help you in how the customer may want you to deliver the item or an alternate contact if not reachable on the one given on the form or just a message on how good your service is normally. Elite mCommerce supports letting your customers give such comments on their orders in the mobile application.

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Value Added Features

Deep Linking

Elite mCommerce deep linking feature enables the user to navigate within app smoothly and land directly on the desired app page, rather than forcibly visiting various pages, before landing on the targeted app page. This impacts immensely the customer’s shopping experience, apart from reducing navigational complexities.

This deep linking feature improves merchant’s mobile app visibility to targeted audience among the host of apps accessible in Play store & App store which helps to mitigate the bounce rate and increase the business conversions.

Magento mobile app

Zopim Chat Integration

Connect with your customers immediately and help with any query that they may have with completing an order. Zopim chat enables you to chat live with your customers from any page on the application. Use the same Zopim dashboard that you use for your website for customers connecting through mobile application too.

Mobile app builder

Call Back Feature

You may have a support team who can handle customer calls or just you who would like to connect with your customers to assist on any support they may need on call. Using Elite mCommerce, you can set-up the contact number which you would like your customers to call in the back-end. Your customers will get an option to call you directly from the application.

Magento apps

App Analytics With Google

Integrate your Google Analytics account with the application. Find out what product most of your application users are visiting, what is stopping them from buying a product, the time taken to complete an order, etc. Use Google analytics to increase sales and serve your customers better.

Magento iphone app

Optimized Size

Worried about the size of the app having integrated all the above mentioned features? Not to worry! Elite mCommerce will provide you an application with an optimized size. This will increase the user downloads and speed of the mobile application.

Magento ios app

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