Case Study

Developing a Highly-Customized Fresh Fish Ordering App for Tazj AE

Tazj AE is a company in the United Arab Emirates that sells fresh fish, vegetables, and other groceries. They needed a way to sell their products flexibly on mobile to increase their sales and improve their accessibility to customers. After consultation about their special needs for their business model, we provided a customized app tailored for meat and fish sellers to satisfy their customer demand and delivered it promptly.



Customizable ordering solutions for specialty fresh food sales

Tazj AE searched for a developer who would be able to create an app that met their expectations with customizations at affordable prices. Elite mCommerce’s extensive experience in customizing our mobile apps convinced the client that we would be able to meet their requirements. We proposed our Elite Grove package with some additional customizations to create the ideal app for Tazj’s business.



We explored the unique needs of Tazj’s online business:

  • The app needed to display different sections of fish with quantity increments based on the size of the fish so customers could order to their preference. Smaller fish might be sold in weight increments of 500g, while larger kinds would need to be incremented in greater quantities.
  • Customers also needed to be able to choose special instructions about cleaning, slicing, and cutting with varying prices for each.
  • Shoppers needed to be able to create user accounts.
  • The app needed to be able to direct customers to the nearest of Tazj’s multiple locations, with the goal of being able to service cities throughout the UAE.
  • The app needed to support multiple appropriate regional languages.
  • The app needed to manage different suppliers and vendors, so they could track which items were from certain suppliers.
  • Tazj wanted ordering and checkout to be straightforward to give customers the best user experience.


Screen layout for fresh fish sales

The interface for ordering fresh fish and meat was designed to offer multiple options and flexibility without being overwhelming to customers. They can select from a variety of fish, and then order based on size (small, medium, large) and be charged based on weight. They can choose whether to have their purchase cleaned and cut or buy the whole fish, and also select what kind of packaging they want. The user can see the price for each option.

Backend Inventory Management

Each fish variety can be customized in the backend to have different weight increments so larger fish can be sold in different measures than smaller ones. The app has been developed to manage the dynamic weight of the fish and the store staff can insert customized variations. The price calculations for each customization are done instantly and the staff can see the ultimate profit on every order from the backend, regardless of how unique the order is.


Creating accounts

Verified user accounts offer advantages to mobile apps, ensuring reuse, letting customers order on multiple devices, and avoiding the requirement to re-enter payment details and preferences. Verifying the creation of user accounts can be inconvenient to the user. We implemented OTP (one-time password) verification during account creation. Customers are sent an SMS message or email with a randomly generated code they then enter to confirm registration.

Multiple languages

EMC worked to make the app support multiple languages, and beyond this, it was given the ability to show a unique home page based on the language chosen and the nearest store. Separate-language pages allowed the app to have more flexibility and reach a wider audience. Translating the app into Arabic posed a special challenge for EMC, but the client helped extensively to get it translated to be understandable to many of their customers.

Multi-store management and delivery ranges

To detect the nearest store to the customer, we used GPS location data. The selected store’s available inventory is displayed to the customer. When customers make orders for in-store pickup, they can choose the right location for them. Each store can specify a range of addresses and municipalities that they can deliver to, unless they are outside the store’s range. Customers can use a saved address. The app has the capability to use Google Maps to direct deliveries to the right location.

Backend Customization and Control

Due to the increased need for inventory customization, EMC worked to make it easy to manage the app on the backend. The backend can easily manage multiple suppliers and vendors of fish and set prices appropriately as new varieties come in.


EMC reported to the client regularly about the completion of milestones along the way and ensured a smooth launch. During the time of the pandemic, it was helpful to the community that Tazj serves to have an exclusive online fish market that they could use, and the app became a success for the company. 

Post-launch, we implemented additional improvements, including:

  • Push notifications to enhance their marketing and let them reach out to app users.
  • Improved UI for store selection in the app
  • Updated backend to make seller management more clear to the administrator so they could isolate orders and sales from different vendors.

Overall, the client was thrilled with the end result of the Tazj AE mobile app. He was extremely satisfied as now he is able to showcase all his fish & meat products on the app. The app has made more people buy his products thanks to being user friendly in terms of UI and offering a faster and easier checkout.

Key Takeaways

This project required a great deal of customization and detail-oriented development to create an effective user interface and backend for Tazj’s needs. Fresh foods like fish and meat present a challenge to out-of-the-box apps that can’t be categorized and labeled consistently as other products. Offering customization features to stores and their customers without overwhelming them with complexity is a major challenge for app development.

The EMC team came to recognize online delivery of fish and meat as a valuable service that lets shoppers get varieties that they can’t easily get at their local supermarket. With increasing demand from customers, we expect many businesses to adopt online meat delivery. EMC’s experience in creating a customized food ordering app will open new approaches to supporting the needs of fish and meat businesses.

Elite mCommerce is here to help your business sell online, no matter how specialized your product. Contact us and try the demo to learn more.