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    Hamara Bazar
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    Hamara Bazaar pte Ltd is the single Destination online store for all the Indian Groceries at Singapore

    • Singapore based supermarket app with multi-level product categories
    • Pricing based on customer groups and tier based pricing options
    • Implemented stock handling functionality
    • Address auto-fill feature based on customer’s geo-location
    • Implemented store based order mapping
    • Specific delivery instructions feature
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    vomanto mart logo

    Vomanto mart is an online store that deals in Grocery, Garment, Fashion and Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicines. Their Main Objective is to provide the best quality of products at affordable prices to the consumer.

    • POS integration with eCommerce system
    • Real-time synchronization of products & inventory between the POS software and eCommerce app
    • Bulk product import into the eCommerce system and real-time synchronization with the app
    • Unique home page layouts for different product categories
    • Cron setting for data synchronization
    • Pay for failed orders feature
    • Order status notification
    • Business intelligent push notifications
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